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JRC Associates Inc.-PMP Exam Preparation

This 5-day PMP exam prep course is entirely focused on PMI's terminology, processes and knowledge areas as outlined in the 2000 PMBOK. It is designed to help you pass the rigorous 200-question exam covering the 5 project management processes, 9 knowledge areas and professional responsibility domain on the very first attempt.

Juggling Consultants

by Andy Jordan

Environments containing multiple consultants can be challenging, with different perceptions and interpretations often coming to the fore. Managing that environment is a unique challenge.

Juggling Multiple Projects: A Strategy to Succeed

by Andy Jordan

One of the biggest challenges for new project managers is having to manage multiple initiatives at the same time. To succeed with all these additional challenges requires a logical approach by the PM, and the support of the organization.

Juggling Projects

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Dealing with one project can be quite enough, but what happens when you are juggling two or more projects? It's not easy, and those times should be approached very carefully so that no balls get dropped and projects don't end up being left out in the cold.

Juggling Projects with Forgotten Strategies

by Vijay Aluwalia, Principal and Founder, VARUNE Project Leadership

Many initiatives fail to deliver. How will organizations remain competitive and efficient with such troublesome statistics? Here are nine tips that can give you a better chance of success.

Jump In

by Fernando Zandona

When that project makes you want to jump out of the nearest window, maybe you should consider it (although we recommend using a parachute.) Skydiving is a lot like navigating a successful project. The best way to handle both is with your eyes and your mind open. You may be surprised by what you learn and how it can help on future projects.

Jumping Ahead

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

We’re all trying to move forward with our projects and programs, but sometimes you need to take a giant leap forward. Jumping ahead isn’t easy, but it can be accomplished if done correctly.


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