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My Way or No Way

by Geoff Choo

Working abroad is a great opportunity to live and learn something new, but you also want to make sure that culture shock doesn't turn your first time abroad into your last.

My Way or the Highway

by Harry Chambers

There are effective strategies for dealing with micromanagers, and none are about trying to change the culprit. Instead, you can defuse their overbearing, counterproductive behaviors. And if you're guilty of micromanaging, too, take heed before it compromises your ability to lead.

My Work-From-Home Mistakes

by Mike Griffiths

If you are struggling to get work done from home, do not feel bad. This practitioner's procrastination, short attention span and penchant for anything but work were as bad as it gets. Yet he is now more productive than ever after making some key changes.

My, What Big Projects You Have!

by Michael Wood

"Big" is somewhat defined in the eyes of the beholder. Beyond sheer size and mass, what makes big projects so daunting? Certainly as a project grows in size and scope, a number of things increase along with it--each adding complexity and risk to the effort. While there is no foolproof way to eliminate the risks associated to big projects, there are some things you can do to reduce those risks.


MyPMO enables Project Managers all-over the world to work in a similar manner as to what they are used to (i.e. using spreadsheets), but now have the information at their fingertips, always up to date and in their pocket in a mobile app.


PMO Simplified: myProjectManagementOffice affords organizations a cost effective solution to Project Porfolio Control. From Scope to Closeout, this tool tracks project critical artifacts in a centralized repository.

mySAP Upgrade

PREMIUM project plan

This upgrade plan to mySAP will help you stay on track in defining business goals and requirements, performing upgrade tasks, training users and so much more.

Myth Interpretations

by Miriam Ziemelis

True or false: People who have been laid off were more than likely "dead wood" in their past company and were the first to hit the pavement during downsizing? Does that mean if you are one of the hundreds of people laid off that your resume is being passed over by potential employers? Step inside to see what human resource managers and people left out on the street have said about this recent urban legend.

Myths About PMs

by Patti Gilchrist, PMP

There are many misunderstandings about project management as a profession, as well as about what project managers actually do. Let's explore a few common misconceptions about the expectations of our role...


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