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Quality Thinking Time

by Andy Jordan

Schedules, schedules everywhere and not a minute to think! The difference between the best PMs and the rest is not in the way that they update project schedules or complete status reports, it’s how they manage those unexpected events, motivate people and solve problems. This all takes time, so making sure that you have time to add value to your projects is crucial.

Quality, Not Testing

by Andy Jordan

Testing is not the same as quality, and it’s not a replacement for it either. Our writer hopes to help you identify some ways that you can improve how you manage quality on your own projects--and hammer home that if you plan for quality in the first place, you won’t need to spend so much time fixing the things that have gone wrong.

Quantified Project Benefits


Need to sell your business case to executive management? They will want to see the bottom line, which includes the benefits stated in quantifiable terms of value to the organization. Don't be vague. Quantify those benefits, as this example illustrates!

Quantifying Project Portfolios

by Paul Harder

One of the problems with project portfolio management is creating the infrastructure to capture the necessary metrics to understand what's happening within a portfolio. Christian Verhoef of the Free University of Amsterdam provides a framework to allow companies, even those at CMM Level 1, to understand their IT portfolio.

Quantifying Quality

by Mike Donoghue

When possible, the effectiveness of a quality assurance management program involves three interconnected components.

Quantity Tracking System (Green Projects)

PREMIUM deliverable
by Stefano Pittaluga

This template is built for construction project control managers who need to keep track of quantities installed onsite and—with the same tool—produce a weekly/monthly report that supplies management with quantitative feedback about project status.

Quantum Computing: An Issue and a Solution

by Kevin Coleman

We’ve entered the quantum computing race! Are you prepared? Let's explore this interesting and complicated emerging technology—and its potential implications.


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"One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity there ain't nothing can beat teamwork."

- Mark Twain