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Rally Software Development

From pilot projects to multi-team programs, Rally helps organizations start, scale and succeed with Agile through its on-demand lifecycle management solutions and world-renown coaching.


Ramius builds online community systems for virtual collaboration and knowledge sharing. Its CommunityZero product enables organizations to instantly build collaborative networks of online communities to securely exchange, communicate and expand knowledge. CommunityZero is 100 percent web-based and does not require user training.

Random Thoughts

by Eduard Hernandez

Uniting the passion for writing and project management

Rank and File

by Matthew D. Gonzalez, MCSE, PMP

You might not like it, but figuring out how you compare in skill in relation to your fellow IT PMs is key to getting off on the right track in a new position. It's a matter of proving yourself to avoid the lower end of your employer's standard rank-and-file system. Here's some help in making a smooth transition.

Ranking and Optimizing Projects, Initiatives and Programs

by Michael Wood

Projects, initiatives and programs...we all have them, and it seems like a never-ending drain on our brains to prioritize them. Well, take a deep breath and relax because help is here. For your consideration, here is a quick and easy way to prioritize the major initiatives within your company or department. Use this story and free template and be on your way!

Ranking and Prioritization of Change Requests

by Uma Shankar Danturti

In the real business world, there are several techniques used by organizations to process change requests that impact a stable environment. This article will share a perspective on utilizing the weighted average technique to rank and prioritize a change request.


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"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

- Albert Einstein