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Running with Change

by Joe Wynne

Need some help in avoiding the stench of resistance? Your response to resistance is a crucial part of the success of managing your change-supporting project. Your success or failure will be noticed by those who can help advance your career. This article provides some constructive responses during organizational change.

Running With Scissors: Leading Edge Without the Bleeding

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

New. Shiny. Attractive. New. We just can't resist the lure of the latest and greatest gadgets. But do you really need it? How does one get to leading edge without falling over the abyss into bleeding edge? For the technically savvy and financially unrestrained, the answers are surprisingly well understood...just seldom practiced.

Ruthless Prioritization

by Dharma Mehta

Project leaders need to know where to focus their attention and teams at all times or they risk higher costs, missed deadlines and unhappy stakeholders. Ruthless prioritization keeps the things that would be nice to do from getting in the way of the work that matters most.

Rx: PM, Post-its and Agile

by Janis Rizzuto

A hospital’s yearlong initiative to improve care coordination for underserved patients is benefiting from a dose of project management that brings structure, organization and accountability. Simple, strategic Post-it notes and iterative approaches are part of the prescription. It’s all new medicine for the doctors leading the effort.


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"Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining."

- Jeff Raskin