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Talent Management Doesn’t Begin With the People

by Andy Jordan

If we aren’t bringing the right people on board, then it doesn’t really matter how well we manage them! Here we look at creating a strong foundation for talent management through better planning.

Talent Management of the Future

by Mike Griffiths

Just as the agile mindset is sometimes paid lip service and poorly implemented, many organizations say they have policies for talent management but also implement them poorly. So, after recognizing why the process is a good one, let’s see how talent management operates for agile teams, and what the future likely holds...

Talent Management: Powering Strategic Initiatives in the PMO

white paper
by Project Management Institute

Projects and programs are the core of any organization’s strategic initiatives--they are how change happens. Having the talent to implement those initiatives successfully is the critical capability that gives organizations a competitive advantage. Excellence in managing the talent is a key to unlocking that capability. In partnership with PwC, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Human Systems International (HSI), the PMI Thought Leadership Series focuses on how talent management impacts project practitioners and, in turn, the successful implementation rate of strategic initiatives. Read more in Talent Management: Powering Strategic Initiatives in the PMO, Spotlight on Success: Developing Talent for Strategic Impact and Rally the Talent to Win: Transforming Strategy into Reality.

Talent Pool: 6 PM Lessons From a Swimming Official

by Paul Baumgartner, PMP

Can you build your project management skills in unlikely places? Here are six valuable takeaways this practitioner picked up being a sports referee, making him the best project manager he can be.

Talent Reinvention?

by Andy Jordan

Has PMI’s recent refocus on the Talent Triangle™ changed how you perceive your career? Should it? Your opportunity to diversify is now increased, and that is something this writer believes you can leverage.

Talent Show

by Tim Wasserman

The attraction, development and retention of top project management talent is paramount to the success of any organization. Here is a strategic execution framework that leaders and PMOs can use to guide their talent management efforts, specifically targeting six areas that can deliver the great impact and ROI.

Talk Isn’t Cheap

by Nannette Rundle Carroll

Using the latest project management tools and technology to plan, track and report progress does not ensure that effective communication is taking place. Project leaders also need to regularly talk to their team and seek feedback.

Talk Talk

by George Spafford

Communication is key, folks! Read why recognizing the impacts of customer type and complexity on project communications can keep your project healthy.

Talk To Me!

by Bruce Anich

On-the-job training from a mentor can be the best and fastest way to learn how to manage projects. And no lesson will prove more valuable than the importance of communication. But if communication is so vital, why is it so hard to put into practice? Here are several reasons and their mentor-driven solutions.


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