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Talk to Your Stakeholders!

by Mike Griffiths

The frequency and magnitude of IT project failures are so prevalent and epic that people can appear in denial of their ability to influence, or “in acceptance” that a certain percentage of projects just go south. Does it need to be that way? If we spent more time asking people where stuff could go wrong rather than making ever more polished models of flawed project plans, could we change the statistics?

Talking Notes

by Dan Bradbary/David Garrett

The simple day-to-day interactions you have with your project team, sponsors and executives often determine your success. Yet few of us are trained to speak well. In this world of e-mail and automated reporting, good speech is a dying art. Here are some tips on how to talk better, the better to manage your colleagues and projects alike.

Talma Day Associates-Project Management

Three day workshop to provide the skills, understanding and techniques necessary to plan and manage projects successfully. Suitable for all industry sectors.

Taming Initiative Overload

by [email protected]

With companies awash in projects that lack strategic clarity, no wonder so many initiatives fail outright or drift aimlessly to a slow death. The antidote is a process to set priorities, and some organizational “muscle” to keep the important projects front and center.

Taming Wild Projects: WWF's Ajay Barai Interviewed

by PM Network Staff

By practicing project management, organizations can realize a variety of initiatives. This article features the head of strategic planning and performance of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) discussing the organization's project management practice.

Tap on the Shoulder

Tap on the Shoulder is a Microsoft Project add-in that sends automatic reminders for every task, just when it's about to start or end. Team members no longer have to navigate the Project UI, and project managers don't have to bug everyone.

Tap the Hidden Power In Organizations

by Vikas Narula
June 19, 2012 | 58:47 | Views: 1,094 | PDUs: 1.00 | Rating: 4.16 / 5

Organizations traditionally rely on an ORG chart to make change decisions, assess influence of individuals and/or teams, and describe how the organization is structured. However, business journals and magazines such as, Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and Fortune have all written about a more potent and useful chart for making these decisions: the informal (human) network (i.e. the hidden ORG Chart). In this session, Vikas Narula will educate participants on the power of informal relationships and why uncovering them should be a central focus for business leaders.  Narula will provide attendees with insights and examples of how inter-personal workplace dynamics often goes unnoticed, yet serves as a potent driving force in business outcomes. Case studies and examples will be reviewed to highlight impact on the bottom-line.

Tapping Into Your PM Earning Power

by Andy Jordan

Project managers are currently enjoying a sellers’ market where we have at least some of the power—and it’s time to cash in. But how do you tap into that power effectively? As always, the questions are far easier than the answers.

Tapping the Base of the Triangle for Hidden PDUs

by Mike Griffiths

When it comes to renewing your PMI credentials, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the full complement of PDUs you need. Now that the PMI Talent Triangle® has been introduced, the area at the base of the triangle (“Strategic and Business Management”) seems to be the most difficult for people. It doesn't have to be...

Targeting the Lessons Learned Session

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

The project manager should make sure the lessons learned sessions are positive experiences for all involved. But how can you turn a session on mistakes into something constructive?


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