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Voices From the Top: Christine Burns, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

by PM Network Staff

By practicing project management and utilizing strategic vision, organizations can realize a variety of initiatives. This article features the CIO of the University of Technology (Sydney, Australia) discussing the technology projects that are part of its AUD1 billion building upgrade.

Voices on Project Management

by Soma Bhattacharya, Marat Oyvetsky, Wanda Curlee, Jorge Martin Valdes Garciatorres, Lenka Pincot, cyndee miller, Kevin Korterud, Peter Tarhanidis, Yasmina Khelifi, David Wakeman, Sree Rao, Lynda Bourne, Christian

Voices on Project Management offers insights, tips, advice and personal stories from project managers in different regions and industries. The goal is to get you thinking, and spark a discussion. So, if you read something that you agree with--or even disagree with--leave a comment.

Volume Storyboard Directive


A little planning ahead of time can save hours of work. This form is ideal for PMOs that produce large-volume proposals or project reports.

Volunteer to Test New, Innovative PMI Learning Tool!

by PMI

PMI needs your help to test a new, immersive online learning tool! Your feedback will help PMI tailor this new tool to help learners quickly gain experience applicable to real-world project management challenges. Volunteers will complete an online assessment, work through 16 hours of activity, and provide feedback on the experience...


With Vorex, agencies and other SMBs gain real-time visibility into a project's status in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Vox Popular

by Mike Donoghue

Almost anyone with knowledge, access to a computer and the ability to draw an audience has potential to become commentator, pundit and critic--and then progress to mentor, teacher and trusted authority.


Vue-Matrix is a web-based software application which includes Complete Project Risk Life-Cycle Management.


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"A statesman is an easy man, he tells his lies by rote. A journalist invents his lies and rams them down your throat. So stay at home and drink your beer and let the neighbors vote!"

- W.B. Yeats