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Successful CRM Systems Start With a Customer Focused Philosophy

by Richard Bowden

Organizations from different business sectors are using customer relationship management (CRM) systems to help boost sales and revenues. They may have mixed results in terms of their sales and revenues. Various aspects to help to ensure a successful CRM implementation are discussed in this article, taken from best practices and the author's personal experiences in reviewing existing CRM applications and implementing new ones.

Go Fast, But Don’t Hurry

by Raj Kaushik

Do we care to learn from our past mistakes that have resulted in failed or overrun projects? This article poses some of the decision-making questions you can ask to produce success on your project.

PPM Tool Selection and Implementation Considerations

by Andy Soodek

Many organizations engaging in project and portfolio management automation focus too much attention on the tool itself and do not spend enough time planning the organizational and process transformation activities to drive real operational improvement, based on process best practices.

Project Management in Emerging Economies

by Bharat Gera

Globalization has had multiple effects on emerging economies. The per capita income has risen, and the underlying facets of project execution and delivery are subject to these changes in the economy. The emerging nations have provided relatively abundant low-cost, English-speaking labor that could deliver under tough constraints. In these circumstances, project management has been focused primarily on meeting the bottom line, as opposed to focusing on the other values and methodologies required for managing projects. However, the cost-driven outsourcing of earlier years has changed to value-driven outsourcing in more recent years.


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"The power of accurate observation is often called cynicism by those who don't have it."

- George Bernard Shaw