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Are Project Management Skills Transferable?

by Jennifer Schmidt

The author recently had an opportunity to switch into a technical project manager role after being a business project manager for over 12 years. She traces her 18-month journey to learn what skills are easily portable and which ones needed refining or, worst case, acquiring. She focused on two main areas: communications and teamwork.

Keep the Customer Happy

by Anuj Setya

In a customer-service provider relationship, there is a great deal that the service provider can do to make the relationship productive and vibrant from a project management perspective. Dedication to understanding the customer is key. This means understanding not only the customer's needs, but also the customer himself or herself. Understanding the customer requires thinking about what a requirement means to the customer. And requirements might not mean the same thing to the customer as it does to the project manager.

Implementing Earned Value Side by Side With Critical Chain

by Gershon Ben-Israel

This article focuses on an easy-to-use implementation of earned value management (EVM) and, specifically, cost performance index and estimation at completion - Cost side by side with the Critical Chain Method. The EVM implementation gives a comprehensive answer for budget management and budget report requested by the project sponsor.

Fast Tracking or Backtracking?

by Joel Kohler

We've all been there. The customer or the calendar demands a quicker than planned completion to the project. Should you consider fast tracking to compress the schedule? Can you fast track, without backtracking through new costs or delays?

The Five Secrets of Project Scheduling

by Michelle Colodzin

This document defines five factors-or "secrets"-which, when consistently implemented together, result in project schedules that are more likely to be used and maintained throughout the life of a project. A project schedule that is followed and maintained throughout a project can provide early identification of potential schedule slippage, project risks and other issues.

Green Project Management Using ISO 14000 and the Project Management Body of Knowledge

by Mike Schmidt

This paper explores the concept of green project management (GPM) and how project managers can tackle this emerging concern. It also describes an approach to GPM using processes discussed in the PMBOK® Guide as well as tools and techniques defined within ISO standard 14000. The findings will show that by integrating the workflows and data exchange points of these two frameworks, a project manager can greatly expand his or her ability to execute GPM responsibly and effectively.

Earned Value Management in “Electricity Bill” Type of Projects

by Sunil Raikhanghar

Earned value management (EVM) is the control tool used for cost control, which is one of the most important areas in project management. It also provides additional useful information for the schedule variance. When used with progress reporting to determine schedule variance and schedule performance index, EVM becomes a highly valuable tool to track both cost and schedule. Budgets for projects with only department-wide budget allocations are analogous to a household electricity bill, having few details.

Project Cost Control

by Sam Anderson

You are reasonably satisfied with the result of your project—to the best of your knowledge, it is achieving what it was intended to do, within planned schedule and cost goals. You have diligently kept track of your requisitions, and your project cost spreadsheet is updated and current. However, at this point, you receive a call from the accounting group saying that you are radically over budget. In all probability, you are working in a "non-projecticized" environment. In this type of environment, the systems and culture often do not adequately support project cost control. What do you do?


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