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The Cost of Waste

by Tiffany DeBolt

n these tough economic times, companies are rushing to cut operating expenses at a record pace. Unfortunately, many organizations are ignoring the golden opportunity to be found by simplifying costly operational processes that create financial waste.

Applying Project Management in Technology Transition— A Bird’s-Eye View

by K.S. Biju

Technology transition has gained a great deal more attention in recent days. This is defined as the detailed desk-level knowledge transfer and documentation of all relevant tasks, work flows and business processes from a provider to a client or from an owner to a support organization. Extensive due-diligence is required in assessing what activities need to be transitioned and to what extent. This article is an attempt to explore the different phases and activities of a transition cycle and how some of the project management techniques can help make life easier for a transition manager.

Strategy to Develop Project Management in a Low-Maturity Company

by Nicolas De Dobbeleer, M.Sc., PMP

In industry segments where project management is not considered a core business, such as manufacturing, it can be more challenging to propagate project management best practices, even though at the individual level employees recognize that improvements should be made. It is even more difficult to promote the idea of a structured approach via a project management office. Project management maturity is typically not even at the standardization level in those companies: some processes exist but are not considered an enterprise standard.

Trouble is a Claim “Door Bell”: Ding-Dong, Where’s Your Notice?

by Rob Kelly, Jr

Using "Notice" can protect both the contractor and the owner from claims-related troubles on a construction project. Proper Notice enables timely awareness of the issue and its potential impact. It provides recovery options. It allows the owner to make informed decisions and mitigate the potential impact of the issue. The concepts are universal for project managers in all work environments.

Shared Understanding Management

by Ömer Ertekin

Technology and more knowledge of other cultures and languages are making communication easier in projects distributed across mutliple teams, companies and continents. But the real problem with communication in project management is not communication itself, but rather "understanding." Understanding, as defined for the purposes of this discussion, is a result of different motivations for the project (the "hidden agendas"-not the requirements but the "desirements").

The 14-Point Factor to Achieve Nonlinear Growth

by Sreenivas Kunapuli

This paper uses the author's years of experience in studying various companies across the world that exhibit some kind of nonlinearity in their growth models. His analysis indicates that such companies do things differently. They approach the same problem in a different way, and tend to innovate.

Virtual Configuration Management

by Kent Gladstone

Configuration management (CM) is more than keeping a project inventory. It is the basis of project communication and controlling changes that affect the project, such as requirements or design change. With globalization, traditional CM is no longer a viable option. This paper explains the importance of CM to the project manager, and offers suggestions on how to digitize this discipline.

Successful CRM Systems Start With a Customer Focused Philosophy

by Richard Bowden

Organizations from different business sectors are using customer relationship management (CRM) systems to help boost sales and revenues. They may have mixed results in terms of their sales and revenues. Various aspects to help to ensure a successful CRM implementation are discussed in this article, taken from best practices and the author's personal experiences in reviewing existing CRM applications and implementing new ones.

Go Fast, But Don’t Hurry

by Raj Kaushik

Do we care to learn from our past mistakes that have resulted in failed or overrun projects? This article poses some of the decision-making questions you can ask to produce success on your project.


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