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Negating Negativity: Quashing Negativity Before It Gets Out Of Control

by David Whitemyer

Outward negativity on projects can create speed bumps toward successful project completion and can cause project failure, which is a risk no project manager can afford to take. This article discusses how to overcome negativity on projects before it gets out of control. In doing so, it examines the different approaches required when turning around a bad attitude with team members, stakeholders and sponsors. Specifically, it identifies four types of team members whose actions foster negative morale. It then identifies sources of stakeholder negativity and suggests how project managers can turn off-putting stakeholders into project allies. Next, the article suggests how project managers can handle negative executive sponsors or negative clients. Accompanying the article is a sidebar that identifies five common negative traits.

Keeping Chaos Out of Complexity

by Sandra A. Swanson

Ambiguity is a part of every project. Pinning down the knowns and anticipating the unknowns starts in the planning stages and should be standard operating procedure every step of the way. As the complexity of a project or program rises, though, elements and participants interact in increasingly unforeseeable ways. This article discusses how to keep chaos out of complex endeavors.

Earning CollectiveTrust Is Worth the Effort

by Alfonso Bucero

Building trust on a team is one of the greatest challenges faced by project managers. This article explains how project managers can earn trust with project team members. In doing so, it identifies characteristics and behaviors essential for creating trust with team members. In addition, it lists four requirements for building trust.

The Secret of (Defining) Success

by PM Network Staff

Defining project success seems simple--achieve the triple constraint and then a project is successful. Or is it? This article features a principal customer engineer for a semiconductor foundry and a university deputy director discussing how to measure success on projects.

Taming Wild Projects: WWF's Ajay Barai Interviewed

by PM Network Staff

By practicing project management, organizations can realize a variety of initiatives. This article features the head of strategic planning and performance of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) discussing the organization's project management practice.

Don't Waste Your Youth: How To Shape Your Next Generation of PMs

by Cindy Waxer

No matter what processes are in place, no matter how detailed the business strategy, organizations are only as good as the people executing those plans. Too often though, the needed talent isn't available. This article discusses how organizations can shape the youngest generation of project team members and keep them contributing to the organization for the long haul. In doing so, it identifies a three-step process for grooming the next generation of project teams.

Learning New Tricks, New Trends and New Approaches

by Denene Brox

There's no question that project professionals are busy. With people to manage, deadlines to meet and constant decisions to be made, project professionals spend most of their time focusing on the more pressing demands of day-to-day work. This article discusses how project managers can stay on top of trends and embrace new approaches. First, it examines the role complacency plays with project professionals and how organizational leaders need to encourage experienced project managers to incorporate new techniques and create a culture that welcomes innovation. It then identifies one of the main factors that stunts development in seasoned project professionals. The article explains how an environment that encourages learning should have a top-down approach, where project managers know that the culture supports taking the time to try new approaches.

What Executives Want: Stand Out When You're Starting Out

by Cindy Waxer

There is a lot of competition for jobs for new project managers, and rookie project managers need to stand out among other project managers just entering the field. This article highlights what executives want in new project managers. In doing so, it identifies five attention-grabbing traits a rookie project manager needs to impress executives. Each trait concludes with advice for project managers who are just beginning their careers.

Banking On Technology: Get Shareholders to Accept New Technology

by Peter Fretty

From the beginning of the planning phase for any project, stakeholder buy-in is essential. This article examines how a Spanish financial organization gained stakeholder support when introducing an innovative contactless payment program focused on transforming how its customers make purchases and use ATMs. In doing so, it overviews how the company secured buy-in from customers by distributing credit cards with built-in contactless payment chips and installing point of sale (POS) chip readers at select merchants and ATMs. It identifies the primary challenges related to earning buy-in and reveals how those challenges were conquered.

Risks vs. Issues: Should They Be Treated Differently?

by PM Network Staff

Poor risk or issue management can lead to project failure. This article features a program manager at IBM (Bangalore, India) and a project management consultant/CEO of RefineM (Springfield, MO) debating whether project managers should treat risks and issues differently.


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