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To Err Is Human; To Recover From A Failed Project Is Divine

by Cindy Waxer

Blame it on a communication breakdown, poor up-front planning or insufficient resources. Whatever the cause, some projects fail—and the aftermath can have a devastating effect on a project manager’s career. Sometimes all it takes is one effort gone awry to leave project professionals dejected, demoted or even unemployed.

Malcolm Gladwell on Intuition

by Samuel Greengard

A Q&A with the author, who describes how to develop and take advantage of gut feelings in your work.

Custom Fit: SMEs Can Benefit From Project Management Best Practices

by Sarah Fister Gale

Big organizations worldwide understand the value that project management best practices bring to the bottom line and have created formal methodologies and career tracks. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), on the other hand, often lag behind, dismissing project management practices as too complex and requiring too much overhead for their leaner operations. And that puts them at a disadvantage

The Job Hunt As A Project

by Chris Greco

Searching for a job can be a daunting task. Project managers shouldn’t let the job hunt overwhelm them, however, because they’ve already honed the knowledge and skills needed to take on the process. All they have to do is think of it like a project. By using the project management approach of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing, project managers can break the job search into manageable pieces and work toward a successful outcome.

New Job Jitters? Recently Hired Pros Share Their Tips

by Cindy Waxer, Nausheen Husain

While a fast-paced career trajectory can be wonderful for skills development (and your LinkedIn connection count), starting a new job is often overwhelming. Acclimating to a new corporate culture, currying favor with senior managers and winning over team members is all part of the adjustment process. Here’s how a few project professionals are easing the transition to their new positions and acclimating to a new work life.

Economic Sense: What the State of the Economy Means for Project Professionals

by Kelley Hunsberger

The health of the global economy affects the health of your projects. A grasp on economic trends can help project professionals stand out by proving they can help navigate the chaos and improve the bottom line. Three trends are making waves in the business arena, and forcing project leaders to take action.


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