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Web Application Plan

project plan

Building an application to run on the Web is a challenge. Use this Microsoft Project plan to take the guesswork out of everything you have to do.

Information Strategy Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Information strategy planning is a useful approach to take if your business needs reevaluation and realignment with the current market and industry demands. Here's a high-level Microsoft Project plan for tackling the development of an information management strategy for your overall business.

Package Evaluation Method Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Need a large-scale application package and don't know where to start to pick one? This Microsoft Project plan details how to evaluate qualified vendors and packages, then guides you through the process of selecting an application package for implementation.

Data Warehouse Total Implementation Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Stolen from Real Life (a data warehouse development project for a waste water treatment management system), this Microsoft Project plan takes you through the construction of a complete data warehouse from start to finish.

Data Warehouse Analysis and Roadmap Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Your client has asked you to analyze his business and present him with a roadmap for making the business data available via a data warehouse. This Microsoft Project plan presents a two-month business analysis project to achieve that goal.

Data Warehouse Data Modeling Plan

PREMIUM project plan

If you've been tasked to build a data model for a Data Warehouse development project, check out this Microsoft Project plan.

Data Warehouse Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

Are you putting together a data warehouse? This Microsoft Project plan will help you keep tabs on all the complex stages and steps involved in building decision support systems and a knowledge-based applications architecture and environment.

webWAVE Development Project Plan

PREMIUM project plan

The webWAVE Development project plan in Microsoft Project offers your intranet development team a blueprint for establishing a corporate communications vehicle that can streamline business processes, allow increased access to corporate information and revolutionize knowledge sharing--while reducing overall communications costs.


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