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Analytics Project Framework (Korean Translation)

PREMIUM checklist
by Adriana Beal

큰 데이터 및 분석의 등장으로 프로그램 및 포트폴리오에서 제품 및 프로세스에 이르기까지 조직의 의사 결정이 크게 향상 될 수 있습니다. PMO가 대규모 분석 프로젝트를 구성하기위한 프레임 워크를 개발하고 원하는 비즈니스 통찰력과 영향력을 제공 할 수 있도록 포괄적 인 체크리스트를 제공합니다.

Project Manager’s Sustainability Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Tom Baker Pedro Echeverria

The Project Manager’s Sustainability Checklist is a tool used to aid the project manager and project team in addressing sustainability factors for all areas of the project. This checklist is specifically designed to help meet sustainability needs that project teams and project managers face. This checklist can be considered a template to be modified by an organization, or even by a project team, as needed.

Negotiation Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Andy Jordan

This template provides a framework to help you identify the most important elements of a negotiation. Many people enter a negotiation without being prepared, and as a result they don’t achieve what they want. By planning for the negotiation with this template, you can develop a better strategy and understanding of your needs.

Sponsor Checklist: Business Case

PREMIUM checklist
by Michelle Stronach

The aim of your business case is to gain organizational support and funding approval for an initiative by providing all necessary rationale for informed decision making. You as the sponsor must document the business case after satisfactory analysis has been conducted to understand business need, examine alternatives and conclude recommendations. Use this checklist as a reference in building a better business case.

Sponsor Checklist: Business Case (Korean Translation)

PREMIUM checklist
by Michelle Stronach

귀사의 비즈니스 사례의 목표는 정보에 입각 한 의사 결정에 필요한 모든 근거를 제공함으로써 조직의 지원과 이니셔티브에 대한 자금 승인을 얻는 것입니다. 비즈니스 요구 사항을 이해하고 대안을 검토하고 권장 사항을 결론 짓기 위해 만족스러운 분석을 수행 한 후 후원사가 비즈니스 사례를 문서화해야합니다. 이 체크리스트를 참조하여 더 나은 비즈니스 사례를 구축하십시오.

Internal Risk Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Andy Jordan

When an organization undertakes a major initiative, there is potential for many different factors to influence the project. This checklist identifies categories of risk that exist Internal to the organization that may impact its ability to successfully deliver the project.

Project Closeout Checklist

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

While there are some subtle differences in closing a project with a party or a wake, a carefully defined checklist will help with either ending to the project. This checklist should be defined early on in the project and communicated to everyone who will have input into the checklist at the end of the project.

Project Management Story Telling Checklist

PREMIUM checklist
by Dave Garrett

Good story telling can make you a much more effective Project Manager. This document offers you a way to look at the stories you choose to tell and offer ways to make them work well as a motivational tool.

ITIL Service Delivery Checklists

PREMIUM checklist

This basic set of checklists will help your ITIL implementation by getting your organization's IT service management in line. One major component of ITSM is service delivery apart from service support, and this checklist focuses on areas that contribute to an ITIL-compliant service delivery arm.


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