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Putting Together a Project Plan

PREMIUM presentation

Project plans can range from simple to complex. However, they all have crucial elements in common, and they are key to your project's success. This presentation walks you through the essentials of putting together a project plan.

Success Criteria for Controlling Your Project

PREMIUM presentation

What are you, some kind of project control freak? Well, guess what! Project control is a good thing. Learn how to use your project's communications to control your project.

Getting a Project Plan Approved

PREMIUM presentation

Getting a project plan approved often requires a detailed presentation to "sell" it to the Powers that Sign.

The Rules of Change

PREMIUM presentation

Change is inevitable. Here's how to anticipate changes on your projects.

All About the WBS

PREMIUM presentation

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is the most important method of organizing tasks for a project. Learn its ins and outs here.

Project Operations

PREMIUM presentation

Getting work done on your project is your first priority. Let's talk about the operations side of projects.

When the Project Team Comes Unglued

PREMIUM presentation

People are the source of most project conflicts. Check on the emotional status of your project team. If your team is coming unglued, so will your project.


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