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Managing Customer Expectations

white paper
by Naomi Karten

Your customers' level of satisfaction can be affected by changes in either their expectations or your performance. That means you have to pay attention to both. Learn how here.

Obtaining Useful Customer Feedback

white paper

Getting your customers' feedback can help you understand best what they want, need and liked or disliked. Gathering feedback is often seen as a means to an end, rather than a proactive continuous way to better your overall strategy.

Scope Management Using the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI)

white paper
by G. Edward Gibson, Jr.; Peter R. Dumont; and John R. Fish

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

The Project Definition Rating Index is a revolutionary tool, an easy-to-use checklist that identifies and precisely describes each critical element in a project scope definition package. The PDRI allows a project team to quickly analyze the scope definition package and predict factors that may impact project risk.

Building the Data Warehouse

Author: Bill Inmon | ISBN: 0471141615

This book teaches many of the theoretical constructs of data warehousing. It's basically data warehousing 101--but can you really apply it practically? It's a quick read that can give you a general overview of data warehousing, but you should probably do some more in-depth research before actually embarking on a data warehouse project.


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