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Fixing Bad Meetings: Make Your Meetings Effective and Interesting (Webinar Transcripts - Japanese Translation)

PREMIUM white paper
by Mark Waldof

Meetings are an essential aspect of making organizations productive. Unfortunately, many meetings are boring and a waste of time. This seminar offers tips along with a tool that can help any meeting. The ideas presented are an excerpt from a full day workshop and offer key ideas and methods that are effective and easy to implement. This is a webinar transcript translated in Japanese.

Focus Groups


This technique is used to collect information from a group of people in a structured manner. Traditionally applied to market research, Focus Groups can be used as an alternative to individual structured interviews or customer questionnaires or surveys. Multiple viewpoints can be shared and discussed with the assistance of a session moderator or facilitator.

Force Choice Paired Comparison


A technique to assist in the decision making process. A variation of the decision matrix, choices of recommendations, alternatives, or solutions for reengineering or redesign are arranged as both rows and columns. Participants choose a preference for each possible pair of choices, and the results are tabulated to provide a prioritized result.

Force Field Analysis


Provides a framework for problem solving and assists in the evaluation process when making decisions. Participants examine both positive influences (enablers supporting a goal or a proposed solution) and the impeding influences (barriers to achieving a desired state or implementing a solution). Force Field analysis has an advantage over T-charting in that each enabler and barrier can be examined for possible interrelationships, and each factor can be weighed to determine a total "force" towards the positive or negative.



Project Forecasting consists of taking the project status information and extrapolating the current project performance to the end of the project. Forecasts can be made with respect to project duration, overall project cost, performance/quality level of project deliverables, or any combination of these.


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"Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation."

- Henry Kissinger