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Standardized Work


Standardized Work (SW) is a document that precisely outlines the description of each step required to complete a certain task. The document also captures the cycle time for each task, minimum level of inventory required as well as the classification of each task step as "value added" or "non value added". A SW document describes the most efficient way to process a certain task at any given point in time, and forms the baseline for process improvement.

Starting Right Establishing Requirements

white paper
by Nathalie Udo, Projectway LLC

[This Article Provided Courtesy of PMI]

Writing good requirements takes time and practice, and even with all the new tools designed to help you, it will not happen overnight. You need a clear and organized mind, excellent communication skills and good people skills.

State of Scrum Report

white paper
by, and Scrum Alliance

There has been an explosive change within the last two decades over how software is developed and deployed. Agile methods and Scrum have led this charge and continue to gain momentum. A new report, "The State of Scrum: Benchmarks & Guidelines", is now available. This report reveals who is practicing Scrum, why they are practicing Scrum and the outlook for Scrum. Almost 500 professionals in over 70 countries were surveyed by, and Scrum Alliance for the report. Participants represented multiple industries from IT to education, finance, government, healthcare, telecommunications and more. Learn how your Scrum practice compares!

Steering Committee


A Steering Committee is a group of people with the responsibility for making decisions or strong recommendations related to a project.

Story Maps


Stakeholder Engagement|Stakeholder Engagement


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