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PM Mex Corner

by Humberto Ramos

PM trends, challenges and hot topics, as seen from Mexico corner

Best Ever Conversation

by Karthikeyan Kathirvel

If someone is not talking in front of mirror, he is missing a best ever conversation in his life. Talking to yourself is a best way to assess your strength & weakness. You don't have to hide any truth and see how your mind respond to your statement. There is always a multiple ways to resolve an issue and the best way to come to a conclusion is to talk in front of mirror and assess the situation. This is more of a Facebook stuff but the clear mind is a best ever tool for decision making. Making a decision without any second thought is easy this way and to keep your facts on table for formal discussion. I may take Expert Judgement but end of the day it's my decision and I am solely responsible for it and I wanted that to be a clear one.

Project Your Voice

by Stephane Parent

Understanding that what we say and how we say it has a great influence on our project stakeholders.

Strategy, Portfolio, Programs and Projects Best Practices and Experiences

by Adilson Pize

This blog is intended to share best practices and experiences on strategy, portfolio, program and project management. It includes discussions of strategic project management (strategic planning, management of strategies and strategic alignment of projects) and other topics related to governance.

The Agility Series

by Lawrence Cooper

The Agility Series focuses on agile and agility across the organization not just in software and product development. Areas of agility that will be covered in blog posts will include: - Organizational Agility - Leadership Agility - Strategic Agility - Value Agility - Delivery Agility - Business Agility - Cultural Agility - Client Agility - Learning Agility

PMI Japanese Resources

by Cheng Chee Tay, Shizuka Nagamine, Chris Ng, Mayo Irie

Please check the available resources in Japanese now.

A World Without Borders.

by Muhamad Sahir Bin Ahmad Shatiry

A blog to share inspiring project management knowledge without borders across the world , breakthrough entire continents of the world.

Benefits with Risk

by Vincent Guerard

Risks are all over your project, from the birth of the idea to completion. Maximize benefits with true risk management of your project. In this blog, I bring ideas, some basic level of knowledge on key project subjects. I try to have everything identical in English and French.

Building the Foundation: The BOK on BA

by Joy Beatty, Laura Paton, Sue Burk, Cheryl Lee

A new collaborative blog featuring the contributions from the core team members of PMI's Foundational Standard in Business Analysis. This blog will provide the community with insight into PMI's development of the standard to generate professional discussions about the content in advance of the scheduled reviews.

The Project Management Corner

by Ranmali Kirinde

A space for sharing project management concepts, tips for improvement, best practices and lessons learnt.


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