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To hit pay dirt

by Irina Kulikova

Hi to all of you, and welcome to this blog about management, projects, IT, etc. and about life among all of that. I'd like to share my thoughts, knowledges, experiences and to propose them for discussions.

Quantitative Analytics and Projects

by Muhammad Anees

In this series of few articles in quantitative techniques for project professionals, I will explore how the technical understanding and application quantitative analytics can help projects move to the next level of success benchmarks. It is commonly perceived that risks and projects success are closely related and measuring of risks and projects success are both a hot topic how the measurement tools can determine different levels of risks and success for the same objective plans. Thus, this blog series will discuss and highlight a few issues in risks and success measurement through quantitative techniques to be more effective. Stay tuned to the series as we will update the articles on each weekend brunch for you.

Effective management

by Luis Flores

This blog will be used to discuss general topics related with project management and the importance of soft skills development in order to have an effective management.

Key Performance Indicators

by Sameh Nasr

Benchmarking is essentially for continuous improvement of any organization. Parameter for benchmarking should be based on Key Performance Indicator (KPI). There can be many KPI’s in the construction industry to measure the job performances

A Project Moment

by Carla Fair-Wright

"A Project Moment" selects tips for improving project management productivity from national and international sources and summaries them to present in a short a format.

Scribbles & Scratches

by Andrea Uvanni

All Great Things Start from Scratch! I believe in hard work, creative thinking, and dedication to an end goal. The plan can change, the work can fluctuate, but your enthusiasm and dedication to achieving the end results should never fail. You are the spinner of your own fate. I'm here to encourage and navigate through to find the right path to success. Take a look at the full blog at and Spin your own Fate in career and life.

MKMN مكمن

by Khaled Al Kolfat

Management Knowledge Maturity Network , aims to lead knowledge sharing as well as ease the collaboration from the participants in the discussions for management generally and construction industry in particular

Project Management in my Life

by Maxat Bekeyev

This blog is created to share thoughts, insights, tips and any other valuable or simply entertaining details about project management.

Agile in Practice

by Stephen Matola, Karl Best, Stephen Townsend, Edivandro Conforto, Jesse Fewell, Mike Griffiths, Horia Slusanschi, Becky Hartman, Betsy Kauffman, Kristin Jones, Johanna Rothman

This blog is a conversation between the Agile Practice Guide Team and our PMI and Agile Alliance Communities to gain insight, support and collaboration around the creation of a usable and relevant body of work that supports transition to hybrid and agile in project work.


by Andrew Craig

A place to write.


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