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Change Whisperer on

by Gail Severini

This is a blog about Strategy Execution, about implementing change and driving ROI to the bottom line. It is intended for: Leaders and for Program, Project and Change Management practitioners trying to manage the weather systems of change raining inside the organization.

The Agile Diary of Phil Hind aged 47 & 3/12

by Phil Hind

I have just embarked on my first agile project (if you can call it that) and thought I would share my experiences, frustrations, triumphs and moments of deepest,darkest despair. Join me on my journey, if you dare.

All Things PMO

by Harlan Bridges

Discussions about what makes PMOs valuable to the business.

PM in Practice

by Shoaib Ahmed

I am a professional services practice manager with current accreditations in project, programme, and portfolio management. I have experience of delivering software and consulting services to international ports, climate change sector, transportation, and the public sector in New Zealand and the United States. Several of those deliveries have won international accolades. I have a Bachelors degree in computing and am currently pursuing an Executive MBA, am a member of the Project Management Institute, and a committee member of the Prince2 User Group. I share my professional views with my peers through my blog Project Management in Practice, and twitter.

Project Management and Leadership

by Dhan W

Project lifecycle is about people, planning, communication, collaboration and processes. Each project face unique challenges in its lifecycle. This blog discusses these challenges and how leadership can tackle these challenges. In my view project leadership is not just about leading people, it is also about leading change, leading innovation, leading initiatives.

The Dark Arts of Facilitation in Project Management

by Bernard Gore

Facilitation, in an organisational context, is finding ways to help groups of people to work together more effectively to achieve goals, and is generally done by a Facilitator who holds a neutral position apart from the individuals and teams involved, and is only interested in ensuring the right things are done the best way possible. Sounds a lot like a Project Manager's role, and indeed it is - but professional facilitators have a huge collection of tools and techniques that few PMs I've met have even heard of, never mind be sufficiently familiar with to use effectively. This blog is my attempt to introduce some of these tools and techniques to my fellow Project professionals. Why "The Dark Arts ..."? Because many of these techniques seem at least in part more an art than science - they certainly aren't the sort of well-defined process and templates that PMs are familiar with. And some are decidedly dark - using psychological and emotional manipulations to help the participants discover things about themselves that they didn't know, and learn how to overcome some negative behaviours and blocks.

Effective and Fun Delivery

by Mark Ellis

A blog all about delivery. Info, thoughts and musings on implementing change and navigating the pitfalls along the way.

PM Network

by Cyndee Miller

PM Network is the award-winning professional magazine published monthly for members of the Project Management Institute. This blog will highlight some of the publication's valuable information and insights, keeping you up to date on industry trends.


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