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How to be Successful in Project Management

by Juan Escobar Lopez

In this blog I am going to share ideas related on Project Management and how to be success, I know that is very difficult but, when you have the appropiate tools, you will be a good PM.

Project Management and Workplace Respect

by Paul Pelletier

This blog is dedicated to raising awareness about workplace respect in relation to project management. Workplace disrespect is a worldwide problem that is exceedingly damaging to projects and business. Incivility negatively impacts project success and results in financial, human resources, productivity, risk management, and legal costs. There are many things PMs and organizations can do to prevent and address workplace disrespect. This blog aims to help guide the way.

to be overloaded,,, is it good or bad?? you have to accept or reject??

by Abdullah Alhasabeen

in many organization you have to accept the fact that you must take multi tasks,sure some tasks not related really to you, the matter is some time you can`t reject it (nature of the organization culture), in the other hand it will be your way to advance in your organization as it will shine you and it may be considered as a chance.

Creating and Adding Value

by Ebenezer Daramola

Value creation is sacrosanct in any Client – Customer relationship and the sole purpose of any business is to create value for its customers and to make such value felt in its entirety. This blog will focus on value creation and how value can be well domesticated; maintaining absolute focus on value in project environments and making sure that leadership is structured around this thinking which is a sine qua non to the success of all and sundry involved in projects and those who would one way or the other by impacted by project endeavours and outputs. Your comments and contributions are valuable and will be highly appreciated. Every idea counts no matter how insignificant it could sometimes appear to be; stay tuned.

Lean Agile Construction Project Management

by Suhail Iqbal

The purpose of this blog is to highlight and to explore possibilities of using LEAN and AGILE approaches together in Construction industry projects. It is expected that new trends in Construction Project Management would thus evolve.

Project or Program Success: What Matters

by Randy Tangco

This is about setting up the element for project success. Thinking about leadership and courage that needs to be executed when you are faced with challenging projects or programs.


by John Herman

Covering all things Pro: problems, products, progress, projects, process, programs, professions, proposals, provisioning, and more! Analysis and commentary on yesterday and today, and prognostications, prophesies, and projections for the future.

Perspectives and Perceptions of Project Management

by Abdullah Al Mamoon

Personal branding of a Project Manager is highly critical to the success of any projects irrespective of domains and geographical boundaries. This defines the power of influencing project team members, stakeholders and evolving situations in the lifecycle of projects. Is this a mere perception? Or just another perspective? Through this blog page/section I intend to promote project management highlighting contemporary knowledges and experience sharing that are aligned with the spirit of Global Project Management.

The Stealthy Project Manager

by Sarah Hoban

Not all organizations rejoice when they hear the term "project management". For those not part of the PM fan club, project management can be demonized as extra work for extra cost with no perceived value added. Or, even if an organization does see the benefits of project management, it may not have the resources available or even the need for sophisticated PM techniques. In both cases, the stealthy project manager can cleverly inject the right amount of PM at the right time to strengthen organizational processes, even when an organization least expects it.


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"I know the meaning of life - it doesn't help me a bit."

- Howard Devoto