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PM is to Solve

by Fernando Teixeira

PM is to Solve project challenges. This is the motto for this blog that I hope will help PMs to think as a "solutionist" when dealing with a project issue.

Haiku for Project Managers

by Robert Prol

Because sometimes poetry makes the point better than a long story. To learn more about Haiku, read:

Servant Leadership: Serve to Be Great

by Jonathan Lee, Catalin Dogaru, Cecilia Boggi, Mike Frenette, Suzan Cho, Tolga Özel, Graham Briggs, Cameron McGaughy

This blog is about leadership as it applies to projects and project management, but also as it applies to society in general. The bloggers here manage projects and lead teams in both business and volunteer environments, and are all graduates of PMI's Leadership Institute Master Class. We hope to bring insight into the challenges we all experience in our projects and in our day-to-day work, providing helpful tidbits to inspire you to take action to improve—whether in your personal life, your business/work life or on your projects. Read, comment and share your experiences as we share ours. Let’s make the pie bigger! Grab a slice!

Innovative Talent Retention Practices

by Arul SP Muthupandian

In the wake of shortage of talented and qualified resources, one need to retain as well as reward a talented resource well. Please suggest as many innovative but sure success methods to retain and manage talent.

Women in PM Leadership

by María del Rosario Valicente, Vanessa Ribeiro, Cecilia Boggi, Brantlee Underhill, Adriana Cibelli, Marcela Terzi, Fernanda Quinteros

We'll explore the lessons, traits, characteristics and opinions of women serving in leadership positions in the project management profession. Join the conversation!

Project Experience Management

by Eric Lamy

PXM explores the notion that Project Managers can and should create fulfilling and delightful experiences for their project teams. Additionally, the blog considers the role of design thinking in the project management process, and how Project Managers can influence successful project outcomes through a focus on User Experience design.

Thoughts on Project Management

by Gina Abudi

Articles will focus on the the people-side of project management - team leadership, communication, virtual teams, change management and cultural diversity.

Lean Cinema

by Enrique Quintanilla

Lean Cinema is a summary of Project Management, Lean, Six Sigma and Supply Chain concepts applied to movie production in order to optimize all its processes.


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