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Kimball vs. Inmon: You Want the Truth?!

by Vijay Sankaran

They won't be duking it out on pay-per-view any time soon, but the battle wages over who is the true Father of Data Warehousing.

Sucking the SAP Out of Your ERP Data

by Vijay Sankaran

Are you getting the most from your ERP?
ERP data warehouses can help turn operational data into strategic information for an organization.

Talking to the Crowd

by Dave Garrett

Selecting the right discussion package can be challenging. Here are a few options and approaches to consider in your quest for managed interaction.

Secrets of a KM Pusher

by Dave Garrett

You can post information 'til you're blue in the face, but how do you get people to use it?

BI and B2B: The Next Big Thing

by Vijay Sankaran

The latest hot spot in the fad-driven world of business intelligence is bringing business together to be more productive and more, well, intelligent.

BI at Your Fingertips

by Vijay Sankaran

If you want the whole world (wide web) in your hands, you're in luck. The latest handheld computers, like the Palm Pilot, are bringing wireless BI into the everyday world of project managers and other professionals.

All Together Now: Enterprise Application Integration

by Andre Leclerc

Introducing new applications to your existing systems without wreaking havoc is a tricky prospect. The Enterprise Application Integration process could well be Next Big Thing in systems development.


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