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Stop the Plane, I Want to Get Off!

by Paula Weber

Sure, his airline job offers plenty of upward mobility, but altitude isn't everything. He's paid well, appreciated by management and gets to see the world on the company dime. How can a project manager who travels hundreds of thousands of miles a year feel like he's standing still?

PMOs: Projects in Harmony

by Shawn Bohner

A special report from META Group.
With companies faced with increasingly complex initiatives involving multiple IT projects, IT executives are turning to project management offices (PMOs) to manage multiple risks and target their vital resources. Patterns of evolution and maturity are emerging.

Beware the Ugly American

by Stan Rifkin

The American Way isn't the only way. Before you head into international territory, get to know the culture. Your national pride depends on it.

Labor Included, But Delivery Extra

by Paula Weber

There's no denying that project managers work hard, travel often and keep long hours. Even with those kinds of demands, it's not unusual to go further still. Anything to get the job done. Manual labor is sometimes part of the job--but maternal labor is another story altogether.

Spinning Off and Out of Control

by Vijay Sankaran

Dot-coms look just like little gold nuggets to "clicks and mortar" corporations trying to get an edge on Wall Street. Don't be distracted by the shiny objects--you'll only lose strategic advantage.

Do You Speak Agents?

by James Odell

For diplomats, teachers, journalists and travel agents, language is crucial to getting the job done. The same holds true for agents. If agents can't understand each other, how can they possibly work together? Here is further discussion from Jim Odell on the language of agents and its importance to systems development.

General Failure, Major Disaster, Private Sorrow

by Paula Weber

Remember those $800 toilet seats and $1,400 screwdrivers that made American taxpayers hate the Pentagon? Here's another horror story to make you clutch your wallet tightly. Several years ago, the U.S. government spent millions on a telecommunications software system to manage its worldwide secure communications for all branches of its military. While the big brass was committed to implementing the software, military and civilian bureaucrats stonewalled the project to death. Read about one project managerand disgusted taxpayercaught in the implementation stalemate.

TeamPlay Super-Sized

by Deborah Stadtler

Enterprise transformations can seem overwhelming. But Bill Hyde and TeamPlay can help. Read about their successes and how you can make your enterprise project a little easier.


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