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Getting With the (KM) System -- Infomediaries Are Key

by George Ball

Knowledge management can be even more powerful when you have (gasp!) actual people working on the managing part. Let's call those people "Infomediaries," and let's see what role they play in your organization.

Following Footprints to Your Project Management Goals

by Suzanne Garcia

There is no shortage of project management tools available, but how do you know which one is right for your organization. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so it's best to start by sizing up your organization.

Four Steps to Managing Project Issues--and Your Sanity

by Joe Pena

Part of your job as a project manager is to be on constant lookout for possible issues. Sometimes you can assess certain ones before they appear; other times you might be blindsided. The key is knowing how to identify, deal with and ultimately learn from these issues.

So You Actually Got a Project Approved--Now What?

by Michael Wood

You've worked hard, built your constituents, put a killer presentation together and management bought it. The good news is - management wants you to head up a process improvement project. The bad news is management wants you to head up a process improvement project. NOW WHAT?

Golden Handcuffs: The Fashion Accessory for a Stylish Career

by Miriam Ziemelis

The latest and by far the greatest in recruiting toolsgolden handcuffs! Those of you who have them, wear them proudly and with full knowledge of how to get out of them Houdini style! Those of you who don't are going to be looking for a pair in your next career move! I am all for that! It is there for the asking with your talent in this field. Just make sure you know what you are getting into before you sign on.

Barbarians at the Gate!

by Joe Wynne

Be prepared to defend against your project's most treacherous enemy--scope creep.

Dr. BI, M.D.

by Vijay Sankaran

If health care is a business and patients are clients, it makes sense that business intelligence could lead to better, more effective medical treatment.

Resource Management on an E-commerce Project

by Tony Elkins

What is workforce management? How is it better than just keeping tabs on all your employees? Part two of this two-part article will explain the advantages and benefits of workforce management. Also included are ways to maximize the workforce management and technical suggestions.

Presented as an Information Systems Track at PMIĀ«2000 in Houston in September.

Using Project Management Processes To Select Technology

by Matthew Gonzalez

Have you ever been on a project--or managing a project--where the technology doesn't exactly match the business requirements? Well, I have and let me say: "What a waste of time and money!" If you know what I'm talking about, this one is for you.


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