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Building Your Dream Team

by Vijay Sankaran

BI isn't an official Olympic event (yet), but if you want to go for the gold on your next project, you're going to need some world-class players.

Team Stats

by Andre Leclerc

The "geeks" are getting off the bench and scoring big in the world of all-star project teams.

Caveat Contractor

by Erin DeCaprio

From time to time, subcontractors come in handy--to fill out your team or to fulfill contract requirements. But, beware: A bad subcontractor can do way more harm than good.

Go With the (Work) Flow

by Andre Leclerc

Getting in step with workflow means knowing the difference between workflow and process, and keeping it straight.

Winners and Users

by Vijay Sankaran

The power of technology can be intoxicating, but project success is ultimately about satisfying the users.

Agents of Change

by James Odell

The world of business--like the world in general--is changing faster than most people can chase it. Look to nature for advice on building systems that stay in line. A decentralized, agent-based system can adapt and evolve to keep you up to speed.

Smells Like Team Spirit

by Francine Meidhof

Building a team takes more than a walk in the woods. Before you head for the hills on some teambuilding "adventure," think about what you can do right in your backyard--something that doesn't involve risking life and limb. Get creative about teambuilding and see how strong your next project team can be.

Perfect Form

by James Odell

When you're trying to score big in the IT systems events, you need to get your agent forms in order. Define them right, use them effectively, and you'll find yourself on the winners' stand, listening to your national anthem.

True Confessions

by Francine Meidhof

We didn't have a hidden camera in a taxi, but gantthead did take to the streets, the trade show streets that is, to talk to Real Project Managers about the ups and downs and ins and outs of their jobs.

When All Else Fails, Try a New Fad

by Ian Simpson

Twenty-plus years of project management can get you either a straight jacket or a really cranky attitude. Ian Simpson has taken the latter and is using it to help others. He's not the only one who gets fed up with this industry. You probably have plenty to gripe about, too. See what Ian has to say about his latest trip to the bookstore where he found a whole "new" world of project management advice.


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