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What is IDI? Is EAI a Thing of the Past?

by Vyom Bhuta

Just as you were getting comfortable with EAI, IDI comes along and turns everything on its head. Learn just how IDI is making its presence felt in the data and application integration arena.

Bull's Eye: Easier to Hit for Today's Employers?

by Miriam Ziemelis

The job market has changed to the advantage of the employer. What can you do to grab an interviewer's attention and show her that you are The One for the job? You could dress up as a giant sequined mango and jump up and down during your interview (not recommended), or you can read this article and turn your resume into a bull's eye guaranteed to attract attention.

ISO 9000--In Search of?

by Dave Liss

For all of you who thought ISO means in search of, this article will give you a different perspective. Enjoy this insightful overview into ISO methodologies.

Learning to Love KM!

by George Ball

Learning should be an activity for life--not just for people, but for enterprises, too.

Dealing with Privacy and Security in BI Implementations

by Vijay Sankaran

Privacy and security are two huge issues that confront us today. As information management grows exponentially, the amount of digital information that is available also grows. To reassure your customers about the safety and confidentiality of their personal information and to ward off potential theft of customer data, develop a strong privacy statement and put in the security measures to back it up.

Reality Project Management: Mastering the Skills for Survival

by Joe Wynne

Skeletal Tina wins Survivor II and shows us what people really value in the game of project management. What would happen to you at the end of your project if participants and stakeholders were to vote on your abilities?

Are You Really Going to Implement That ERPM System?

by Michael Brown, PMP

Are you in the market for an Enterprise Resource and Project Management (ERPM) tool? Here's a novel thought: reconsider. Or at the very least, make very sure both you and your organization are ready for such a system. Sounds a bit extreme? Read on and you'll understand why.

That's a Wrap!

by Miriam Ziemelis

Independent consultants all share one common trait: Projects end, and they eventually leave what has been their "home" for quite some time. This parting can either be "sweet sorrow" or a downright nightmare. The difference is in how you handle your departure and, in essence, your client relations.


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