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Phone Interview: Insult or Tool of the Trade?

by Miriam Ziemelis

I hear it all of the timesmall but audible groans from the other side of the telephone line when a phone interview is proposed! I can hear the wheels turning in the candidate's brain, "Why don't they want me to come in for an interview? Isn't my resume good enough to warrant a 'real' interview?" Stop! You're killin' me here! The answer is none of the above. Come on in and let's talk about why the majority of companies are using telephone interviews to start the process and what both parties should get out of that time together.

Global Success

by Richard Treitel

Project management is never easy, but once you leave your native soil, there are a whole host of new challenges to tackle. Here's a quick look at how to set yourself up for success in international project management.

SOARing Along With the D.C. Government

by Craig Prindle, Stephen Wagner

Notorious for less-than-ideal government efficiency, the District of Columbia turned to PM consultants to put its financial management system in order. The solution and implementation was a SOARing success.

Surviving a Consulting Nightmare

by Joe Pena

There are many factors that can make a seemingly good project go bad. You know that tools, processes, expertise and management all play an important role, but don't forget about team dynamics--that, too, can make or break the success of your project.

HP to Acquire PricewaterhouseCoopers

by Andre Leclerc

Why would a hardware manufacturer like HP spend a reported $18 BILLION on a consultancy like PWC? It actually makes a lot of sense when you look at the big picture.

The gantthead Has Spoken

by Tom Keenze

A recent gantthead survey shows that to most of you CRM means customer service and loyalty. To at least one of you, it means nothing—say it isn't so! Maybe we can change your mind.

The Potential of Organizational Learning

by Joe Wynne

Is your organization still training in a classroom? While there's something to be said for handing out information through traditional means, take a look at just-in-time organizational learning for training that means a little more.

Getting a Grip on Web Site Project Management

by Edwin W. Smith

IT project managers know painfully well that one of the main reasons IT projects fail is because they are too complex, driven largely by "scope creep," the continuous widening of a project's original intent or purpose. Conversely, then, reducing the complexity of a project's scope should reduce the risk of failure. This is certainly true of web site development.

What's That Reply Button for Anyway?

by Miriam Ziemelis

What is the original "deadly sin" committed by recruiters and candidates alike? Ignoring inquiries on both sides of the hiring fence. Miss Manners would be appalled, and I for one am tired of hearing the whining from both sides. Tough love is the message for today, folks! I care about you enough to share the golden rule of Internet job search and recruiting etiquette. Here's a clue: It's as easy as hitting a button.


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