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Leading the Unbalanced Team

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

The nature of the business world today often leads to unbalanced teams where the project manager or others on the team do not have the experience or expertise that is represented by their peers. How can a project manager lead effectively in this unbalanced environment?

Leading Through Complexity

by Joe Wynne

Leadership gaps arise as projects trend toward higher complexity. It will take some significant new skills to succeed in complex near-future projects. When you succeed with the workforce, however, much of the complexity evaporates.

Leading Through Language

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

Successful leaders don't just communicate to inform; they also communicate to influence and inspire. Business jargon and buzzwords won't cut it. Teams crave clarity of vision, and whether you are heading an organization or a project, you must take a critical look at how your words are crafted and received.

Leading Through the Post-Pandemic Transformation

by Bart Gerardi

Most project work environments changed suddenly and dramatically in the pandemic. Now, as we make our way back to a post-quarantine world, many of the old ways of running projects are not returning with us. This is a transformation that must be managed.

Leading to Success

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

To enhance performance and get a jump on their competitors, companies no longer need managers, they need leaders. Leadership has become a widely examined topic of academic research, especially within business schools. There is now a substantial body of research and literature on all aspects of leadership: what it is, how it influences the behavior of individuals and groups, and how it achieves its effects. Here we take a look at leadership competencies and project results.

Leading Virtual Sessions

by Louis Alderman, PMP

Project management relies heavily on teams, and teams need to communicate and share project information and techniques. With virtual teams and remote sessions increasingly becoming the norm, it is essential for project managers to be adept at leading virtual sessions. These techniques will provide the foundation for a great virtual session.

Leading vs. Managing

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Are you a project leader or a project manager? What is the difference, and which role truly makes projects succeed? There is a need for both, but there can be tension and stress when managers and leaders do not agree—and employees often respond differently to different styles of both.

Leading with Change

by Kevin Coleman

Much has been written about what the top leadership quality is and how that quality assists individuals and organizations to move in their chosen strategic direction. This PM asserts that it takes far more than one leadership attribute to be successful and adapt to a changing environment.

Leading with Humanity: Project Manager as Project Leader in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Disruption

by Durga P Phuyal, PMP, PMI-ACP

What skills will be most necessary for project managers to thrive in a world that is being transformed by automation and artificial intelligence? Project managers must employ power skills, such as empathy, effective communication and emotional intelligence, in addition to technical knowledge, to become project leaders and turn ideas into reality.

Leading Your Organization's Transition to Agile

by Johanna Rothman

Are you wondering what it would take to transition your organization to agile, for real? Maybe your organization has made a half-hearted attempt to transition to agile for some projects. Maybe you are the champion, but agile hasn’t gained the traction you expected by now. Consider these five tips to retrench and improve your organization’s transition.


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