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Opportunity Matrix Reloaded

by Jeff Schwartz

Meet the Opportunity Matrix, the tool that provides the bridge between the business objectives of the organization and the IT programs required to help achieve them. It is also where high value opportunities are identified and qualified. In short, the Opportunity Matrix provides the basis for both short- and long-term IT planning and portfolio management, and is a key tool for successful IT managers.

Optimizing Project Costs While Maintaining Scope

by Josephine Rando

Often, if the planned costs do not meet project budget, the project manager will change the scope or finish date of the project to meet the budget constraints. Occasionally, however, it is possible for the project manager and the project team to develop creative means by which to adhere to the budget and still meet the project timeline and implement the original scope. This article is based on an actual project from a Fortune 500 company that was launched successfully in 2009. The project underwent major budget reductions while its original scope and time schedule were preserved. This article describes a broad set of project management activities that the project team managed throughout the project life cycle while reducing overall project costs and maintaining the integrity of the project.

Optimizing the Information Supply Chain at the Back End

by Vijay Sankaran

Managing data to reap the benefits of high-performance business intelligence means having to store more data than most systems can handle. That's where SANs come in, and it's why you need to know about this next trend in storage as part of your BI process.

Options to Office

by Richard Brunelli

Microsoft Project remains the de facto leader in desktop project management software, but several alternative solutions are winning over fans, emphasizing their flexible, user-friendly features for planning, estimating, executing and collaborating. Here is a closer look at three such offerings: Clarizen, LiquidPlanner and Viewpath.

Organization Layer Portfolio Management Processes

by Andrew Makar, PMP

We've talked about the primary and support processes in the portfolio management model. The organization layer describes the common language, definitions, metrics, measurements and approaches to integrating the primary and support processes.

Organizational Agility

by Bart Gerardi

At its core, Organizational Agility is about strategic responsiveness and functional flexibility. Companies that master it — that embrace rapid change as a source of energy and innovation — will thrive while others stagnate. Here is an introduction to the concept, including the driving forces behind it and the characteristics that define it.

Organizational Agility Through Human Agility

by Mike Griffiths

Organizational change is first mental, then we can change strategy and start doing things differently. So, business transformation is about changing minds and then actions. Yet, what do we really know about changing minds?


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