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Pencils Down

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

A niche PPM solution has helped a rapidly growing Ohio university take IT project work to the next level. Not only did it knock out redundant projects, the buy-in from senior leadership was surprisingly fast. And Franklin University liked what it saw enough to bring it completely in house within the first year.

People At Work

by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

Taking into account the wants and needs of the people involved on your projects might sound warm and fuzzy, but a project manager's people skills can determine the life or death of an initiative as much as any methodology. But can people skills be learned? And what exactly are they, anyway?

People First: Uprooting Project Management for an Agile World

by Paul Carvalho

The Agile Movement continues to pull in project managers who have been steeped in traditional approaches. In this PM's experience, relatively few successfully make the transition. Here’s why…and what we can do about it.

People Matter, Too

by Geoff Choo

If your team members had the opportunity to tell you what they really think, what would they say? In this open letter to project managers, you'll learn what is going on in the minds of your workers and find out what really matters.

People Over Process

by m3loop

Regardless of how businesses go about doing what they do, when they put process over people, production suffers. The Agile Principles and Manifesto value the role people play in the process, and that's why this writer likes to use it.

People Problems

by Sujit Mishra, PMP

Behind all of the problems your project encounters lies a people issue. The greatest challenge for global projects is the management of the human resource pools, which are now assuming a greater role as strategic business partners. This article provides an overview of key factors in conducting effective people management in the global industry.

People ROI

by Paul Glen

More and more, project managers are challenged by executives to measure and improve the ROI on their projects. Yet, rarely does anyone think about improving the ROI on one of the biggest line items in the budget -- the people. But you should.

People, It's About the People!

by Mike Griffiths

Consider for a moment the roadblocks we encounter on projects. The most common and toughest to resolve are always people related. A large portion of the missing part of project success is Emotional Intelligence, and the EI skills most needed by project managers are explored here.

People, Perception and Personality: What Color Is Your Project Manager?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Communication can be tough when you don't know what kind of personalities you're dealing with. Perhaps a little lesson in color basics can help. The Insight Discovery model, based on Carl Jung's theories of personality, can "color-code" your team to help you lead more effectively.


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