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Vertical Exchanges Play Musical Chairs

by Jorge S. Olson

Here one day, gone the next--welcome to the ever-changing world of vertical exchanges. More players mean more choices, but you better grab a seat before they get pulled out from under you.

View to a Skill

by Mark Gould and Rick Freeman

Think of project management as an iceberg. Above the water are the technical skills that are needed. They're easy to measure and demonstrate. The art of project management is more difficult to recognize and measure. You have to find out how people work with other people to complete projects and build a competency model around their skills.

Virtual Applications Achieve Results

by Bob Weinstein

Finding the right virtualization solution can do wonders for your IT organization. It can also be a bit daunting. The good news is that CIOs are discovering that not only are there many solutions out there, but they’re also getting better every year.

Virtual Communication

by Joe Wynne

Can’t get your team members together because of cost containment measures? Make full use of team collaboration sites and restore successful project communication without face-to-face interactions.

Virtual Configuration Management

by Kent Gladstone

Configuration management (CM) is more than keeping a project inventory. It is the basis of project communication and controlling changes that affect the project, such as requirements or design change. With globalization, traditional CM is no longer a viable option. This paper explains the importance of CM to the project manager, and offers suggestions on how to digitize this discipline.

Virtual Leadership

by Naomi Caietti

This article will dive deeper into the virtual team model, research on blended leadership styles and tips to help virtual leaders be successful in their roles to lead high-performing teams.

Virtual Networking

by Bob Weinstein

Job hunting getting frustrating? Make sure you have an online presence. Here's some advice in finding opportunities through online networking sites.

Virtual Performance: Harvesting the Power of Virtual Teams

by Jerry Manas, PMP

The effect of multitasking is just one of many variables this author is trying to uncover in his research of virtual teams. Find out what he's learned--and join in the fun by taking a survey that is sure to provide further enlightenment.

Virtual Project Consulting

by Kevin Coleman

Virtual project management and virtual teams have been around for some time. However, the intensity and frequency of their use is increasing dramatically. What is the next “big thing” in project management that specifically has something to do with consulting? Virtual project consulting.

Virtual Project Reality

by Samuel DeMarie

While virtual project teams offer many benefits, from expanding the talent pool to reducing travel costs, organizations must learn more about how and when to implement them in order to turn potential gains into reality. Here is a set of five recommendations and lessons learned from a complex federal project that broke new ground on virtual collaboration.


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