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Your First Project…and Now COVID-19 Hits

by Andy Jordan

You’ve finally been given the opportunity to manage your first project—and now the world has been turned upside down by a pandemic. How do you cope?

Your Friend, Triple Constraint

by Richard Cherer, PMP

One of the most underrepresented tools in a project manager’s toolset is the simple use of the project triple constraint: time, cost and scope.

Your New Best Friends

by Joe Wynne

When a new system replaces the old way of doing business, a vital group of partners require continuous updates. If only they would leave you alone…here’s some help in collaborating with workforce management partners when introducing a new software system.

Your New Priority: Retaining Project Workers

by Joe Wynne

Economic and demographic trends are requiring project managers to prioritize certain workforce management skills to avoid replacing workers during the project. Make sure you understand these four relevant trends to help you avoid problems.

Your Path to a Digital Project Manager Career

by Bruce Harpham

What do these digital project manager jobs look like? If you are looking for a new opportunity, take a closer look at the digital PM field—a relatively new career sub-category that offers a promising future.

Your People Are Falling Through The Cracks

by Tushar Patel

Successful resource management is about managing your people through the entire lifecycle of work — from idea inception and prioritization through execution and measuring ROI. You must deploy tools to support each of these stages. Most organizations do well with some of the stages, but not all of them.

Your PMO Resolution: Don't Overthink It

by Michael Wood

Shaping a PMO that adds value in a simple, straightforward way is a challenge that many PMO leaders would be hard-pressed to achieve. For those of you new to leading a PMO or struggling to wrap your arms around PMO processes, this article should help.

Your Post-Pandemic Strategy

by Andy Jordan

Even as the world economy and individual business deal with the fallout of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, leaders need to get focused on how to build a better organization going forward. Here are some questions to ask and areas of investment to consider.

Your Project GPS

by Projects@Work

To know where you're at, give your projects a disciplined status process that fulfills these five characteristics.


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