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Your Strategy Needs a Foundation

by Andy Jordan

Developing and executing strategies is part of what all project-driven enterprises do, but it’s not enough. Organizations need to have values—they need to stand for something. Is your strategy built on priorities or values?

Your Strategy Needs an Implementation Strategy

by Irfan Shariff

There is an implementation gap that contributes to the failure of good strategies. The root cause? Most organizations don’t have actionable strategies for implementing strategy (got that?). Here is some practical advice for project practitioners.

Your Sustainability Opportunity as a PM

by Bruce Harpham

You might feel that sustainability decisions for your organization are largely out of your hands. Don’t get discouraged—there are practical steps you can take.

You're Not Fired!

by Dave Garrett

Kelly Perdew survived one of the toughest job interviews in securing his win on television's hit The Apprentice 2. The successful businessman took some time out to share his winning project management strategies and philosophies with gantthead.

You're Only as Agile as You Feel

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

We keep positioning agile as an either/or proposition. And we do that in particular when we think about agile as compared to waterfall. There is an assumption that not only is agile different, but that agile has to be different. And that's a problem.

You're Slipping

by Johanna Rothman

Your software project is not going to meet schedule. Maybe requirements have taken longer; perhaps in the middle of implementation, the team uncovered something requiring redesign; maybe developers haven’t met one milestone yet and you’re worried about the test time. What do you do?

You're Studying Wrong—Spaced Learning Study Skills Can Help

by Mike Griffiths

Adult education has evolved since many of us were at school. We now understand more about learning and the effectiveness of various exam preparation techniques. This article explores some modern alternatives to the old-school methods.

You're Worth Your Weight in Gold

by Capers Jones

Here's some real affirmation for you. When it comes to preserving your ROI, the power is in your capable hands. Capers Jones has outlined why the success of IT projects--especially big IT projects--depends not only on project management tools, but on the quality of the project managers themselves. Remind someone who needs reminding, or frame it for your office.

You've Built it, But Will They Come?

by Doug DeCarlo, Principal, The Doug DeCarlo Group

The overall goal of an organization change program is to ensure that the project deliverable is sufficiently adopted by the customer community in a way that the intended business benefits are realized. So how do you do that?

You've Got Issues

by Gopal Kapur

Unresolved issues on projects are like potholes — if left untended they will grow larger, hurting the performance of the team and the quality of the end product. Here are ways to avoid a bumpy ride.


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