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Celebrate More with Virtual Teams

by Joe Wynne

Virtual teams can benefit from celebrations—perhaps even more than co-located teams. The difficulty is figuring out when and how to celebrate. The best tactics use existing communication technology and utilize many opportunities.

Celebrate the Wins

by Brenda Bence

In our 24-7 world, there’s always another task at hand and no time to rest on your laurels. But if you ignore your project team’s genuine accomplishments, however small, you miss a precious opportunity to inspire even greater successes. And you risk damaging your leadership brand in the process.

Celebrating Failure…and Other PM Oddities

by Andy Jordan

New PMs often have a lot of questions they think are weird—questions that can be difficult to ask. In this article, the author reaches into his mailbag to explore a trio of questions raised by our readership on sticky situations faced by project managers.

Central Arizona Project’s OPM3 Story (Part 1)

by Jo Morrison

At Central Arizona Project, the IT department had 89 projects with significant resource management challenges. Although it began with all of these projects behind schedule, over budget and with low quality, it corrected these problems with OPM3. This story is about CAP’s Information Technology department and its journey of project management improvement through PMI's OPM3 assessment model.

Central Arizona Project’s OPM3 Story (Part 2)

by Jo Morrison

In today’s economy, businesses must continuously improve processes and the PMO needs to continue to add value by maturing with the business. How do you know that your PMO and project management processes are effective? Who sets the standards and how do you compare your PMO to those standards? As our look at the Central Arizona Project case study continues, we see how OPM3 stepped in to help.

Central Reporting: Independent or Undermined?

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

We've talked about how to create PMOs of value. Now let's take a look at a more detailed exploration of what it takes to create a value-adding PMO, how to get there and why it makes sense to do so.

CEO and CIO: Eye to Eye

by Dave Garrett

The CIO is becoming an ever more important player in strategic executive decision-making. Dave Garrett, CEO at gantthead, spoke with Robert Handler, Gartner Vice President of Enterprise Planning and Architecture Strategies, to discuss the important relationship between CEo and CIO.

'Ceremonies' and 'Rituals' Won't Make You Agile

by Gil Broza

For many people, the generic word for team interactions—“meetings”—carries connotations that are negative. In this writer's experience, using the word “ceremony” (and its close cousin, “ritual”) is worse: It is a signal that your agile implementation is not going to be great. Here is why.

Certification Outputs Versus Outcomes

by Mike Griffiths

It is not the output of planning (the plan) that is most valuable, but instead the outcome of undertaking the planning. There is a similar relationship with certification and certificates--learning a topic has more value than the output of receiving a certificate, a point lost on many.


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