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Caught in the Act

by Jody Urquhart

Are your team members doing a good job? Be careful how you say thank you. Here's how to acknowledge people without turning them off.

Caught in the Middle

by Bart Gerardi

Agile transformation requires the support of managers, yet many efforts focus on everyone but them. As a result, resistance to agile from middle managers is not uncommon. Here are ways that resistance “from the middle” manifests itself. Organizations ignore it at their peril.

Cauliflower Ear

by Mike Donoghue

While it is their own personal goal to maximize team productivity and minimize any stumbling blocks along the way, it is also sometimes necessary for a ScrumMaster to act as a guardian and help protect their team members. Just don't get too aggressive on the field...

Cause and Effect Analysis

by Andy Jordan

If we don’t conduct the proper analysis but rather make assumptions about what is causing a problem, then we jump to our perceived solution--and more often than not we end up wasting time, money and effort on implementing the wrong solution. This article supports the presentation for Cause and Effect Analysis and provides a more detailed explanation of how the tool should be used.

Caution! Corporate Nirvana Can Turn Into a Nightmare

by Bob Weinstein

So you've landed a job after being out of work for six months. Understandably, you're ecstatic. You think you've found career paradise. But is it? Maybe you are deluding yourself. Did you ever consider that you're sitting on a corporate time bomb that's about to explode into bankruptcy with its assets gobbled up by the highest bidders? This article lists the red-alert danger signs telling you it's time to make a speedy exit as soon as a stable job surfaces.

Caution: Merging

by Dana Cooper

Merger-and-acquisition-related projects pose daunting challenges to executive leaders, not the least of which are conflicting agendas and compressed timelines. Understanding and anticipating four “enduring M&A realities” can smooth the transition and help companies achieve the intended strategic benefits.

Caution: Phase-Shifting!

by Barry Otterholt

When project milestones are being met, but related work is being pushed aside, you have a case of phase-shifting. A crash is around the bend. Here’s how it happens and how to avoid it.

Cautious Optimism and the Next T-Wave

by Jeff Schwartz

As the new year progresses, we ask: What will be the next technological innovation that will drive opportunity in our market?

Caveat Contractor

by Erin DeCaprio

From time to time, subcontractors come in handy--to fill out your team or to fulfill contract requirements. But, beware: A bad subcontractor can do way more harm than good.

Celebrate Good Times!

by Michael Wood

To make celebrating and rewarding success effective, it has to be woven into the fabric of the culture. Here are some ideas and guidance that you might find useful when designing a “project success” celebration framework for your organization.


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