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Defining The PMO Role: The Quest For Identity

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Organizational politics aside, the greatest challenge that most companies face is to define what the PMO's purpose should be, and why it is being created. Here's a look at the broad range of services that the PMO might offer.

Defining the Portfolio

by Andy Jordan

One expert's definition of a portfolio turns the bottom-up concept on its head, defining a portfolio as “the vehicle by which an organization achieves its goals and objectives.” In other words, the portfolio comes first, and the programs and projects are broken out from it. Let’s walk through it in a little more detail...

Defining the Right Sourcing Strategy for Your Organization

by Vijay Sankaran

Sourcing is a holistic strategy that defines how an organization sources a unit of work. Different pieces of work can be sourced in different ways, and there are a variety of criteria that can be used to make that sourcing choice. This article covers those criteria, and defines some of the key sourcing terms that have been thrown around the industry.

Defining The Services Of The PMO: The Customers' View

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

This column continues a multi-part series that addresses the practical steps and considerations in setting up a PMO in today's organizations. This installment defines in more detail the process that needs to be followed in defining the services of the PMO.

Defragging the Team

by Ian Whittingham, PMP

Project teams are highly susceptible to performance degradation caused by churn. But what are the symptoms of churn in a project team, and how might they be remediated so that team performance is restored?

De-Hype Your Disruption

by Carleton Chinner

As a project manager, it's helpful to view hype through two distinct lenses: those of the optimist and those of the cynic. Learn how to guide your project team and customers through the hype of disruptive technology to achieve the outcomes you are hoping for.

Delay Tactics

by Stephen Devaux

Project managers and teams can and should seek opportunities to propose actions to increase project ROI. But first, sponsors must be engaged to quantify the project’s value, and, equally important, to establish how it can and can’t fluctuate due to schedule delays and scope changes. Here are steps to make it happen.

Delayed Designations: Breaking the Habit

by Mike Griffiths

When we identify a certification or designation that would be useful for our career, why do we often put it off? When it comes to the next logical progression of our profession, how can we break out of our pesky procrastination?

Delegation for Product Leaders

by Rich Mironov

Successful product leaders need to delegate most hands-on product work, focusing instead on leader-level activities. That means understanding what each team member can handle, having an upskilling plan, and building trust.


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