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Drowning in Acronyms

by Bob Weinstein

Valid abbreviations, necessary evils or just plain evil? Whatever they are, acronyms are taking over.

Duck, Here Comes Your First Project

by Donna Boyette

Would you ride a slow train on a fast track with a porter in the engineer's seat? Neither would I. But when your paycheck depends on it, that's another story. My first project might have derailed, but I got on board anyway.

Dude, Where’s My Call?

by Mike Donoghue

Newer information and communications technology is constantly phasing out existing information and communications technology. Will e-mail and social networking go the way of cold calling and faxing?

During Disruptive Times, How Do You Invest in Yourself?

by Andy Jordan

A lot of things have changed in the last few weeks, but that doesn’t invalidate everything you have been working for. But how should you be investing in yourself right now? Regardless of how secure your current employment is, there are two main areas of focus that you should consider.

Dwight Was Right: Plans Are Useless

by Jason Carlson

Elaborating on Dwight Eisenhower's often quoted declaration, a project plan that exists in a vacuum is useless, but active, collaborative planning is indispensable. Here are three keys to injecting a collaborative mindset into your project environment, from decision-making to execution.

Dynamic Planning — Bringing the Project Plan to Life

by J. R. Galati

Thanks to the introduction of modern, off-the-shelf simulation tools, we can now take our static plans and make them come alive so that we can better model how the plan will execute. Using simulation in your planning process is exciting and can provide rigorous motivation to improve based on the “what-if” nature of simulation. This article describes the benefits of adopting simulation to enhance the planning process.

Dynamic Project Management

by Pradeep Sangal

Large infrastructure project teams continuously struggle to manage several issues posed by the volatile environment of projects. It's time to develop a holistic and dynamic project planning and monitoring tool for the effective management of ever-changing project requirements and environments.

Dynamic Project Management Framework: A Brief Approach to the PMBOK® Guide Execution

by Andrés Falcón

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) is the master book for project managers, however, it is often subject to personal interpretation. This paper presents the conceptual steps needed to use the PMBOK® Guide processes in accordance with the projects that need it. It is about the integration Knowledge Area, and it covers why phases of a project life cycle should not be considered as a part of the Project Management Process Groups referenced in the PMBOK® Guide. It also explains how to use the processes groups within the project life cycle.


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