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Defining Project Quality

by Andy Jordan

As project managers, we know that quality is one of the factors we have to manage in a project. But what does that mean? You likely have an answer, but it’s probably incomplete or inaccurate. That’s not your fault; it’s the way projects are structured and executed today.

Defining Risk Types

by David Hillson

Risk matters because it has the potential to affect the achievement of objectives. By linking risks to objectives, we can distinguish a variety of risks at the organizational, project and personal level, from the strategic to the technical and so on.

Defining Roles for IT Governance (Part 1)

by George Jucan, MSc, PMP, OCP

At the beginning it was the project manager. For many years it was good enough for everything and everyone, until offsprings started to appear: Program managers, portfolio managers, technical project managers, project leaders, project coordinators, project assistants, project controllers and many more. And then it was's an all-important look at all of these roles and responsibilities.

Defining Roles for IT Governance (Part 2)

by George Jucan, MSc, PMP, OCP

The first article in this series presented an overview of major roles seen today in the project management arena and their typical interactions. This second article is focused on typical roles within project management function at a single project level.

Defining Roles for IT Governance (Part 3)

by George Jucan, MSc, PMP, OCP

Coordinated execution of multiple projects elevates project management discipline at a new level. The third article in this series explores the project management roles and responsibilities above and beyond the single project boundary.

Defining Roles for IT Governance (Part 4)

by George Jucan, MSc, PMP, OCP

The first three articles in this series explored standard roles and responsibilities, considered valid in most cases, most of the time. This final installment takes a look at the "new kids on the block".

Defining Sprint Durations and Story Sizing

by Gaurav Dhooper

It’s daunting to define sprint durations and size stories when a scrum team is new and requirements are evolving. On top of that, it requires more mentoring when the agile practices and mechanics are in the nascent stages and you need to align all of the stakeholders to a common goal. Here is some help.

Defining the Business Analysis Role

by Michael Boyle 

How do we define the business analysis role? What are the competencies required? Are such individuals always called business analysts? Without having clarity on such topics, how will we ever expect an uptake of the business analysis profession? Enter the Business Analysis Ecosystem.

Defining the PMO Role

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

What is the role of the project management office? While each organization may be different, there are some common characteristics of PMOs that should be considered in order for it to be useful.


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