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Flavors of Hybrid Agile

by Mike Griffiths

Like baking, how we combine elements results in very different outcomes, each suited to different occasions (or just a useless mess). This article explores the reasons and results of a couple of popular hybrid project approaches.

Flaws in the Crawl Walk Run Methodology

by Braden Kelley

Many of you may have heard of the Crawl Walk Run project methodology. For those of you that haven’t, the idea is that if a project team is trying to achieve something big, that sometimes you have to evolve your approach in stages rather than trying to make all the changes all at once. Here we look at a potential problem...

Flaws in the System

by Bob Weinstein

Ever wonder what happens when you shoot your resume to a company and you don't hear from them for weeks, maybe months? Sorry, you've been sucked up into its resume gathering-evaluating vacuum never to be heard from again. This article critically looks at the problems of applying for jobs at corporate websites.

Flex for Success: Case Study on Maintenance, Repair and Operations

by Manu Siddharth Paliwal

MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) services today have greater challenges to deal with to meet the present demand-supply requirements of an increasing number of aircraft flying. This case study identifies opportunities that can be realized by slightly steering strategies and realigning priorities with respect to resource planning and buffer management.

Flies, Bees and Project Context

by Dr. Alexander Laufer, PhD

The prevailing project management paradigm still emphasizes context-free processes and practices, rather than tailoring them to the unique context of each project. Alas, clinging to “one best way” is often counterproductive, as intelligent bees and systematic teams often discover at their own peril.

Flipped Classrooms for Faster Credentials

by Mike Griffiths

Whether you are studying for your PMP® credential, cramming on blockchain technology or learning conversational Spanish, blended learning is something you should be aware of. Discover how new technology can deliver a more effective and enjoyable learning experience.

'Flippy' the Project Manager?

by Bruce Garrod

Routine work like cooking hamburgers has nothing to do with providing great project management service…or does it? Can the role of the project manager be replaced by automation? Let’s look at the project life cycle...

Flower Empowered

by Gail Sandford

To motivate teams, link individual interests to work assignments.

Fluor Honored For Project of the Year

Using project management standards and methodology, Fluor completed one of the largest environmental cleanup efforts in U.S. history 12 years ahead of schedule and $7.8 billion below initial estimates.

Fluor Wins 2009 Project of the Year

by [email protected]

Project Management Institute recognizes Fluor Corp.’s “superior team performance and exemplary execution of project management” in the engineering and construction of an award-winning power plant and related infrastructure in Nevada.


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