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Improving the Business of IT

by Vijay Sankaran

To assist your IT organization in improving its core processes to better support customers, here is a list of 10 usually dysfunctional areas of focus to which improvements can make a world of difference.

Improving Your Project (After the Fact)

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

Learn how to turn project post-mortems from a public execution into a constructive, positive and valuable team-building exercise that benefits everyone involved.

In Agile We Trust

by Charlie Rudd

It’s tough to build a foundation of trust on the quicksand of uncertainty. By focusing on today’s results and making consensus adjustments along the way, agile development helps project teams and customers focus on successes rather than failures. And it makes for happier humans, too.

In Capable Hands

by Glen Alleman

Simply controlling and measuring the expenditure of project resources — score-keeping — provides little value to the business in the inevitable presence of change and uncertainty. This is why capability-based planning is a helpful alternative to linear, or waterfall, project management methods. Here’s an introduction.

In Case of Pandemic, Break Glass

by Mike Donoghue

Do you have a readiness plan in place for potential pandemics? Even if you feel protected or isolated from such an occurrence, having a readiness plan can also serve as an important reinforcement to customers and stakeholders who are dependent upon your continued performance and success.

In Celebration of Project Management

by Andy Jordan

As the eighth annual International Project Management Day approaches, one seasoned PM saw fit to offer some words from the heart for “our” day. What does the special day have in store for you?

In Celebration of Project Management

by Andy Jordan

Every now and then, we need to take a step back and recognize just how important project management is. Those of us involved in it tend to take it for granted--we’re too close to be able to appreciate it for what it delivers. In honor of International Project Management (IPM) Day, let's recognize some of the great things project management is doing...

In Charge of Change

by Mike Donoghue

There are many who try to embellish the formula for success, but to have true governance really requires directional leadership that has a razor-sharp focus.

In Closing...

by Dan Bradbary and David Garrett

Whether you call it the post mortem, a lessons-learned session, or the end-of-project review, a formal closeout process that gathers and preserves project data is a crucial step for all initiatives. It not only details what went right and wrong but also why.

In Communication We Trust

by Mike Donoghue

Regardless of your communication style and the means through which you decide to communicate to customers, the important component of any message you send requires that you build a component of trust into every exchange.


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