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Improvement Mindset

by Gil Broza

Good project teams form their processes from established best practices, but great teams are constantly on the lookout for changes to make them more effective or efficient. In part three of our Human Side of Agile series, we look at how you can help your team embrace the continuous improvement mindset.

Improvement Movement

by Janis Rizzuto

Government contractor Johnston McLamb shares details about the benefits of pursuing process improvement via a more rigorous CMMI rating. Such a trend is spreading among smaller IT firms worldwide, according to CMMI program manager Mike Phillips.

Improvements As Experiments

by Gil Broza

When change is presented as a mandate or “best practice” there are often destructive consequences that undermine the intended benefits. A better approach is to reframe and carry out improvement efforts as experiments. This can facilitate deeper learning and team building, not to mention create added value in unexpected ways.

Improving Business Agility Using the Six Sigma DMAIC Roadmap in a Data Quality Management Project

by Usama Mohammed Shamma

According to a Gartner report, companies lose, on average, US$8.2 million annually due to issues with their data, a number that can increase when dealing with regulatory compliance and public safety issues. To meet business objectives, improve business agility, speed the time to market, reduce operating costs, as well as demands of the CIO for accurate information and actionable business insight, organizations have come to understand that they need to invoke more systemic strategies to manage the quality of data across the enterprise.

Improving CRM Implementation Efforts

by Michael Wood

Why do so many CRM efforts fail? More often than not, it's because they are not strategic in their approach. Here's how to change it.

Improving Engagement Between IT and Business: Key Roles

Santosh Kadatare

Technology is driving transformation in the business model. Now more than ever, a need exists for roles that can work seamlessly between the IT and business sides to bring organizational strategy to fruition.

Improving Hardware Project Performance in a Software-Centric Information Technology Department

by Jewel A. Mack

Our Fortune 500 company is growing, allowing for growth in our IT department. I face the challenge of effectively supporting hardware projects within an IT department in which the majority of projects are software oriented. This article will provide an explanation of the current state of our organization, the identified areas of opportunity, and the proposed solutions for these opportunities. Project managers of IT hardware projects reading this article will find practical ideas they may be able to use to function more effectively within a software-centric IT department and the result will lead to improved project performance.

Improving IT Projects through Better Management of Uncertainty

by Kimberly Wamba

It is through gaining a better understanding of the uncertainties—and better managing them in relationship to the project environment and stakeholders involved—that PMs may more effectively approach and complete their endeavors to contribute more value.

Improving Organizations with Agility

by Mike Griffiths

Most organizations struggle to engage their workforce to its potential. This is not through a lack of planning, technical skills or resources, but instead effective tools for dealing with typical project problems. Fortunately, agile practices hold many practical solutions for solving the classic five dysfunctions of a team.

Improving PM Competency with Social Media

by Dr. Andrew Makar, DMIT, PMP

Wouldn’t it be easier if someone just sent you all the information that you needed to know? Social media helps accomplish this goal by leveraging the interactive and collaborative platforms that Web 2.0 provides.


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