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Practical Project Control Cadence

by Dr. Andrew Makar, DMIT, PMP

It's important to clarify the purpose and status reporting expectations early in the project. Here, we share a sample integration management cadence for a large project or program that effectively balances the time with the administrative overhead.

The SOA Project Manager

by Jiju (Jay) Nair, PMP

Project managers usually tend to focus on the methodology for executing the technical part of the project. However, a good understanding of a practical SOA landscape and its associated challenges can help a technical PM make the SOA adoption on technology projects run even smoother.

OPM for Business

by Mike Donoghue

You may have brilliant marketing and branding methodologies, but it is through the projects you pick, how you deliver them and the strategies you use to deploy them that you are defined.

Riders in the Cloud

by Michael Wood

It's easy to get lost in the Cloud if you are unsure who the major players are out there. This overview will examine several Cloud frameworks and identify the who's who of the big-league Cloud riders.

Building Bridges: The Integration of Acquired Companies

by Nancy Kramer

There are many aspects to the successful integration of acquired companies. This paper suggests considerations and approaches to establishing the stakeholder connections. The optimal situation is for the project manager to be part of the main acquisition integration team; this article focuses on this scenario, with a separate set of suggestions for other scenarios.

A Simple Process for Project Management! Project Management in “Plain English”

by Susan Hilty

Simplify! This article explains how the six questions used to tell a story, Who? What? Why? When? Where? and How?, can define your project and be the foundation for success. If you are looking for a template with which to form your project plan, put these words into a word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a project plan and get started.

Ready, Set, Activate!

by Andy Jordan

Effective project activation is more than just hard work and good luck. It's an important focus on the work required to bring the project up to speed, and this article explores some ways to get from zero to 60 as quickly as possible.

Project Checkmate: A Tip from the Game of Kings

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

Just like the rulebook for chess, planning and preparation are important--but activation and execution requires a different view. Managing your project through the execution phase is a game of skill and experience, but if you take a tip from the chess masters there is a way to give yourself an advantage.

The Project Charter: Justify My Project!

by Andy Jordan

It scares this writer how many project managers believe that projects start with the planning phase. It scares him even more that their employers often agree.The project starts during the justification phase of the initiative, and the project manager needs to be a part of that process.

Project Planning: The Flaw Factor

by Tom L. Barnett, PMP

At the beginning of a project, plans are all about approximations. So what aspect of reality is it that creeps into projects and seems to shatter those estimates? Here are seven traps to watch out for...


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