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Mature Change?

by Michael Wood

Most project managers think of changes to a project to be related to change requests that modify the scope of deliverables. But changes to projects go far beyond mere scope changes, so it's important to have a change management process in place that can address any manner of project change. While the majority of organizations have fairly mature change request processes in place, most lack similar processes to handle event-driven changes.

The Change Management Foundation

by Andy Jordan

While many organizations now have standard processes for managing change, effective change management needs more than just a process. Most projects have room for improvement, and in this article we look at how a PM can lay the foundation for strong change management right from project initiation.

Pesky Agile

by Jacqueline Niderost

Although the role of the business stakeholder has evolved using agile as a methodology, the business need or pesky constraint typically remains for delivering functionality by a particular date. Hence, project success many times is still measured by delivering functionality by a pre-defined date to meet business goals. Here we offer some suggestions to try if your organization is using an agile methodology--yet expected to deliver a large-scale project that has the same constraints that have existed over time.

Change Management: Understanding Perspectives

by Craig Curran-Morton

It's important to engage your stakeholders early on in the project process and work with them to understand their perspective. In this article, we will examine some of the key things to consider when making certain that your project engages and captures the perspectives of your stakeholders to ensure that project results are sustainable over the long term.

Project Closure: Party or Post-Mortem?

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Whether the end of the project is a celebration or a time for tears, it is important to take the time to properly close the project. While there are some subtle differences in closing a project with a party or a wake, a carefully defined checklist will help with either ending to the project.

Issues vs. Action Items

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Issues and action items are often lumped together, but there are differences--and they require different strategies to make sure they don't derail your project. Do you have a plan in place?

Trending PM

by Craig Curran-Morton

What does the future of PM have in store? Three trends have the potential of being very powerful for project management and the organizations that continue to pursue the discipline.

Mayan Timebox

by Mike Griffiths

The Mayans may have had the first timeboxed project--they had a strict 2012 timebox cutoff with little room for extension (you know, since the world would no longer exist). Although agile methods have been preaching the benefits of fixed timeboxed schedules since their creation, it still raises concerns with many stakeholders. That's because timeboxing with flexing scope is the worst form of project compromise--until, that is, you try the alternatives.

The Bad Economy Balance

by Andy Jordan

There’s no manual for a recession, so how do you stay effective in a bad economy? In this article, we look at how you as project managers can strive to balance the reality of managing projects in a tough economy with the desire to still do things “the right way”.

Have You Forgotten About Cost Management?

by Ken Whitaker

You're leading the team to deliver...what more do they want?! This article highlights a few, simple best practices that--if introduced at the beginning of your project--might help you easily control costs along the way.


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