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Stamping Out Requirements Dysfunction

by Michelle Stronach

All project failures are related to miscommunication of requirements. And it's the requirements that define the purpose, function and value--the business requirements--that are the biggest culprit as they are especially hard to define.

Can the PMO Create a Phoenix?

by Andy Jordan

An application has been bolted together piece by piece, and it’s threatening to break any day. It’s now been handed to the PMO with the mandate to try and modernize it--and make it a tool for today that can truly act as a hub for other tools without alienating the current user base. So what does the PMO do? Read about a voyage into (potential) salvation.

The Show Must Go On

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Managing issues on a project takes strategic planning and a little finesse so that issues do not turn into show stoppers. Do you have an issue management plan that can handle any problems and still keep the project on track?

Pardon from the Governor

by Mike Donoghue

It doesn’t seem to matter what methodologies are used--success is not a guarantee. While eyes always turn to the PM for blame, isn’t it time we examined why another significant party should also be sharing that burden?

You Wanna Be Starting Something?

by Mike Donoghue

Determining the nature and scope of a project is essential to refining how the resulting effort will accomplish business needs. A crucial component of this is having the knowledge of the business environment and the demands it must meet.

Phased-Based Governance

by Rob Saxon

Governance happens in projects all the time, and a well thought-out governance process can be a powerful project tool. In this article, we will examine why governance is necessary, where governance is most effective and how we as project and program managers can use governance to powerful effect.

Agile: What’s in It for the Project Manager? (Part 2)

by George Dinwiddie

Making a transition from what you’re currently doing to an effective agile process is a project in itself--but it can easily be worth it. Let’s look at what we can gain by adjusting our approach--our concluding installment looks at interpreting requirements and tracking progress, and offers some further caution and advice.

What Everything in Your Project Depends On

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

In executing a project, it is up to the project manager and the stakeholders to make sure there is a solid foundation under the project team so that they can be successful.


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