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Cloudy Growth

by Mike Donoghue

While the promises of increased cloud activity are great, so too are the chances for stormy situations. While many organizations will rapidly seek cloud computing to help combat struggles with their economic circumstances, they will do so at their own peril. Be very afraid...the cloud craze is entering its teenage years.

Shoestring PM: Getting the Job Done with Less Money

by Michael Wood

Doing more with less people, less tools and less funding has become the norm--and 2012 doesn’t look to be much different. How can you continue to service a growing backlog of project requests in the face of static or shrinking budgets and a dwindling pool of project professionals? Believe it or not, there are things that can be done and ways to keep progress moving forward. Here are 10 tips you might find useful.

Project Management on a Budget

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

There is a cost to project management; it is not free, and it does not happen by magic. When this writer looks at where he got into trouble as a project manager as he was developing his career, he can point to very specific failures--ones that inexorably led to fundamental problems on the projects that he was responsible for. Trace back from those problems, and some concrete and specific themes emerge.

Mayan Timebox

by Mike Griffiths

The Mayans may have had the first timeboxed project--they had a strict 2012 timebox cutoff with little room for extension (you know, since the world would no longer exist). Although agile methods have been preaching the benefits of fixed timeboxed schedules since their creation, it still raises concerns with many stakeholders. That's because timeboxing with flexing scope is the worst form of project compromise--until, that is, you try the alternatives.

Becoming Lean-er in Lean Times

by Don Kim

Despite this global recession, the competitive landscape keeps becoming more urgent and faster paced. You will be expected to keep managing new projects to keep your organization competitive--but will do so with less (and exhausted) resources, tight budgets and more scrutiny for success. How does one meet such challenges and succeed? One of the agile practices tailor made for such an environment is the Lean method.

The Bad Economy Balance

by Andy Jordan

There’s no manual for a recession, so how do you stay effective in a bad economy? In this article, we look at how you as project managers can strive to balance the reality of managing projects in a tough economy with the desire to still do things “the right way”.

Shut Down, Slow Down or Speed Up?

by Mike Donoghue

Name the season and name the reason, but many firms schedule shutdowns of their facilities and staff during certain periods as a means to put a temporary stop in operations to control costs. But there are many in the workforce who prefer to exercise their own individual control over these down times in order to keep their industry active, carry on their work and remain effective contributors.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

by Craig Curran-Morton

Rather than being half empty, maybe the glass is actually half full. One writer argues that the opportunities for project management to make inroads in an organization are actually better now than they have been for many years. Let’s look at some different scenarios.

The Cost-Conscious Mindset

by Andy Jordan

To be successful in achieving our goals, project managers need to build a culture of efficiency within their teams. In this article, we explore how we build that culture of efficiency without sacrificing project quality--a step made all the more challenging given the economic constraints we face today.

Have You Forgotten About Cost Management?

by Ken Whitaker

You're leading the team to deliver...what more do they want?! This article highlights a few, simple best practices that--if introduced at the beginning of your project--might help you easily control costs along the way.


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