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Determining Whether to Fund Your Next Agile Project

by Ken Whitaker

Too many projects, and not enough money or resources to do them all! We need to make prioritized decisions to determine which projects to fund. Chances are that you are in a software leadership role and can’t make the final determination alone; but your expertise will certainly be called upon to help make that determination. This article presents tips that can assist you in making those “fateful” project decisions.

Project Portfolio Prioritization

by Michael Wood

In many ways, starting a new Project Portfolio Office is easier than inheriting a PPO that is already in process. However, the risk assessment process is essentially the same. Assessing risk of project delays and failures on the PPO basket of projects, at a minimum, should consider six areas. Find out what they are--and plenty more crucial risk management information--inside.

Medium-size Business = Super-size Risk

by Mike Donoghue

Setting up safety measures that support your IT framework is a necessity in today’s hostile, connected world. By establishing a secure infrastructure, you can help reduce your organization’s exposure to loss of earnings, loss of status and loss of assets. If you are part of a middle-size company and share these concerns, here are some ideas on how to improve your risk.

The SOA Project Manager

by Jiju (Jay) Nair, PMP

Project managers usually tend to focus on the methodology for executing the technical part of the project. However, a good understanding of a practical SOA landscape and its associated challenges can help a technical PM make the SOA adoption on technology projects run even smoother.

Dashboards, Scorecards and Project Status (Oh My!)

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Stakeholders need to know the status of a project. A good status report will report status and also foster communication to benefit the project’s health. Here, we explore some of your options.

A Symbiotic Relationship

by Craig Curran-Morton

While the Lean Six Sigma approach is rarely linked with business intelligence, it is a concept that relies heavily on data, measures and analysis to support and encourage process improvement efforts. These can be provided by the BI function in the organization. The two disciplines can work together in a symbiotic relationship--one requiring data to solve problems, the other requiring problems for the data it can provide.

Managing Risk: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Risk management on projects has become a doom-and-gloom exercise in finding all of the bad things that might go wrong and coming up with plans of what to do about them. Project budgets inflate and schedules extend as mitigation and insurance strategies grow and contingency budgets balloon. We highlight the negatives to such an extent that we forget to focus on the positives. Time to turn that frown upside down...

Risqué and Risky

by Mike Donoghue

When customized to the analyst, risk analysis can be watchful of ways to not only control risks, but provide details on cost and resource efficiencies for each risk reduction strategy. To begin with, you need to know just what threats could await you.

Reserve Training

by Andy Jordan

Why do sponsors refuse to provide contingency for risks? It’s not going to go away, you know! It's time to talk about reserves--the amount of time and money that needs to be put aside to cope with the risks on a project. In particular, we want to look at the mindset of the sponsor who refuses to acknowledge this contingency in the budget and schedule.

The Right Risk Tool

by David Hillson

When considering a risk management tool, a number of factors should be considered, from cost to functionality to customization. Here is some guidance on choosing the right risk tool for your needs.


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