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Managing the Contract

by Andy Jordan

There’s more to vendor management than deliverables and deadlines. Let's look at a few basic concepts that will help PMs avoid some of the biggest pitfalls.

Clearing Morale Killers from the Project Path

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Morale killers can disrupt and damage a project’s forward momentum. This article explores some of the ways to move past them and keep the project on track.

The Game of Risk

by Mike Griffiths

Agile methods are all about delivering value. We work on the high-value items first and prioritize the backlog based on business value. Everything is value driven, aiming to maximize value delivered. Risks, on the other hand, are like anti-value--they have potential for value-robbing down time, rework and even project failures. Here we look at how to use Risk-Adjusted Backlogs and Risk Burndowns to illustrate and prioritize risk within agile projects.

Key Responsibilities of the PMO

by Brad Egeland

A project management office can operate on a continuum, from providing project management support functions in the form of training, software, standardized policies and procedures to actual direct management and responsibility for achieving the project objectives. Here, we look at some of the key responsibilities and features of a typical PMO.

Managing Global Projects: Easier Said Than Done

by Michael Wood

Managing projects that span countries and cultures brings with it its own set of challenges, not the least of which is a greater risk of failure. This article explores some of those challenges and complexities that are unique or amplified when managing global projects.

Freeze the Client!

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

They approved the scope statement?! Freeze the client! Sigh...if only it were that simple. Maybe it's time to learn to love change instead of struggling against it.

Global Projects, Local Problems

by Andy Jordan

The project may be global, but the details are just as important. Have you considered just how wide-reaching the impact of certain issues could become on your project? There's no way all of those issues and impacts for all of your projects can be flagged on one article, but here we look at just how significant some of these issues are.

Don’t Lose Your Institutional Memory

by William J. Rothwell

A subset of knowledge management, technical succession planning is a process that identifies an organization’s critically important information, who possesses it, and how to pass it on to others if they leave. Here is a seven-step model for implementing a technical succession planning program, and suggestions for overcoming some inevitable barriers.

Running Effective Risk Meetings (Without Putting People to Sleep)

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

Risk meetings are under-appreciated--but a vital part of risk management during project execution. A regularly scheduled risk meeting can help keep risks managed properly, and it is the project manager’s job to bring the resources to the table and help assist the project by naming and mitigating risks.

Is Your Team Ready to Play Ball?

by Ty Kiisel

If and when the NBA owners and locked-out players come to agreement and begin the 2011 season, a rescue project of sorts will begin. And players, managers and support personnel will face the same challenges most project leaders face when getting a late start or falling behind.


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